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I missed my Thursday post because I am sick, sick sick.  Sinus, ear and lung infection.  I figured everyone would understand.  I’m in bed trying to stay awake to make this post, surrounded by warm puppies.  Puppies make everything better.

When I saw that the February photo challenge was WINTER I thought, “We never get snow… everyone will have great photos of snow except for me!”

Guess what?  WE GOT SNOW!!!!!  I had 28 pictures saved for this challenge, but had to whittle them down to five.  That was hard.  I had to cut the shot of the huge tree limb that fell on my son’s car (yes there is a bit of damage), the picture of a squirrel looking out of a tree and a picture of a blue heron coming out of cold water.

Oh heck.  I’m adding that one at the end.

1.  When we hit a cold record of almost 0 degrees, I put a bowl of water outside with some flowers in it.  I love my ice daisy.

freezing flowers

2.  My friend has a beautiful old glider in her front yard.  I loved how the icicles were hanging from the bottom.

metal glider

3.  This is a view from the top of the garage at work.  It reminds me of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

miniature picture

4.  All my boys building a giant snowman.  Well, two are actually mine, but I consider all my family.

build a giant snowman

5.  This is my favorite picture.  My daughter and I were walking in the quiet snow and I asked her to blow some snow for a picture.  I actually love the blur and the lines of snow falling from her hand.  It is one of my favorite pictures of her and will always hold happy memories of special times together.

blowing snow picture

And my bonus picture BECAUSE I COULDN’T JUST CHOOSE FIVE!  I already posted this on Facebook but love it.  This blue heron looks like he is saying, “Woo hoo! That water is COLD!”

blue heron taking off

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