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Why I’m Not Getting an iPhone 6
Published on Thursday, September 25, 2014 by

iphone bends

I was always an Android kind of person. Apple people were a bit hoity-toity as far as I was concerned. They had money, music and white earbuds. ISheep, they call them.

But you know what else they had? Phones that held up over time. I was three Samsungs in and each died after a year and a half. So I caved and got myself a free iPhone 5 and never looked back.

Sure enough, the iPhone keeps on keeping on. Except the iPhone 5 battery of course. Mine dies by 10:30 in the morning. But I had to purchase multiple batteries for the droids, so what can I say. (At least I was able to open the backs of those phones and REPLACE batteries, right?)

Bottom line, ignoring the battery issue, I love my iPhone. So imagine my curiosity at hearing I can turn in my current one to get a brand spanking new iPhone 6 for free. (tiny print: with a new 2 year contract) With all of my family on Verizon Wireless, the contract isn’t a problem.

What IS the problem? I am one of the few remaining people on this earth who still holds an unlimited data plan with Verizon. If I switch to the iPhone 6 with this deal I lose my sweet, sweet data and get bumped to 2GB a month. FAR less than what I need.

Verizon Wireless has smiled at me and said, “Oh, but you CAN keep your data plan… (more smiling)…. IF you purchase the iPhone at retail cost.”

Hmmm…. I can keep my data if I buy a phone for a little over $800.


So goodbye, bigger screen. Goodbye, thumbprint recognition. And goodbye, you ever-so-cool slow motion video.

I’ll keep my now antiquated iPhone. At least it doesn’t bend… right?!

What kind of phone do you have, how long does the battery last and do you like it?

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