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Published on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 by

Today’s theme for  the Hoohaa writing challenge is, “White.”

To me, “white” is a happy word.  There are so many white things that make me feel good.  Whipped cream, snow, sand, breaking waves, milkshakes, the inside of cadbury eggs, pina coladas, cheese and white chocolate.

The theme “white” also made me think of my mother and the cool factor you might not expect when you first meet her.  When my mother was at Hofstra she was voted “most poised” by a professor.  She has hosted countless Navy dinner parties, attends church every week, has spoken in front of crowds and has been called a lady by many.

I was a late viewer of Breaking Bad, but was of course hooked immediately.  I told my mother about it and said, “There is a lot of violence, but it is also funny and SO well done.”  After hearing the same things from her friends she decided she would give it a try.

So my then 79 year old mother ordered Netflix so she could watch Walter White.  That’s my mom!

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