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Trifexis and Hives
Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015 by

My title sounds a bit like something you might pick up on a street corner somewhere, doesn’t it? Fortunately it isn’t about that, but unfortunately it is about something that is just as bad.

Friday morning my dog Moon woke up with three large bumps on his back. It looked like he was stung by something. I gave him Benadryl and asked my daughter to watch him while I was at work.

fur sticking out

I posted the picture on our dog rescue site and was told the bumps were actually hives. Moon was reacting to something. I thought back to the previous day. There were two different factors in our routine. I had LIGHTLY MISTED one medium sized carpet in the house with Woolite Pet Stain and Odor Remover. But I had also given him Trifexis, his monthly heartworm pill.

At 1:00 my daughter said he was worse and sent the following picture:

dog with hives

I immediately called the vet. They squeezed me in despite their full schedule. I left work early and raced him to our appointment. As soon as we got there a tech came out to check Moon’s breathing. He wasn’t struggling, but they still brought us right back to a room.

Long story short, the vet thought it could be the carpet spray since Moon had taken Trifexis for years. This made sense. Both of us knew that it might be impossible to know exactly what caused it. She made a schedule for Benadryl and also prescribed steroids.

By Friday night, even after his first dose of steroids he was worse. So bad in fact that I didn’t leave him alone. I was SCARED. This is the picture I took of him in the evening:

trifexis reaction

I am overjoyed to announce Moon looked almost completely normal in the morning. The steroids and Benadryl had worked their magic while he slept. I was so relieved I was in tears.

cattle dog mix

Several days after the fact I am now convinced that Trifexis was the cause of Moon’s hives. He has been itchy for the last several months, as if a reaction was in the works.

Several of the dog rescue folks responded to my post with stories of hives and vomiting from Trifexis. If you search for “trifexis and hives” you will see many hits.  The timing can’t be denied. I gave him the pill, several hours later he went to bed and by the next morning the hives began.

Trifexis will no longer be used in our household. Hives, a swollen face and panting were enough for me!


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