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The Easter Bunny Rocks!
Published on Sunday, April 4, 2010 by

The Easter Bunny Came!  The Easter Bunny Came!  And look what he left me!

easter baskets

  • White chocolate bunny.  Do you eat the ears or the rears first?
  • About a billion caramel Ghirardelli squares.
  • Dark chocolate with chilis.
  • Robin eggs.
  • A Dove egg and a Dove chocolate bunny.
  • Several flavors of (hear the angels sing) Fannie Mae butter cream eggs.  Sighhhh…..
  • Hand repair kit.  I know, old lady hands, right!?

And all of these tremendous Easter goodies were swimming in a gorgeous red cast iron enamel dutch oven.  Angels singing with the children’s choir on backup!  Now, to learn how to cook in it.  The lid is only oven safe to 350 degrees while the actual container can stay in up to 500 degrees.  Do you have one, and what do you cook in it?

The highlight of our day was undeniably The Visit of the Easter Teletubbies.  It was about 10 a.m. on the beautiful Corolla beach when we spotted them.  Two blobs of color far in the distance, closing in fast.  Were they people in hazmat suits?  Teens dressed as Easter Bunnies?  Why no… it was…. THE TELETUBBIES SKIPPING DOWN THE BEACH!

There was no explanation.  No time to chat.  After all, they were the Teletubbies.  And they had places to go.

beach teletubbies

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