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Shoot Me NowDay 17 of the Photo Challenge: Coins

Day 17 of the Photo Challenge: Coins
Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by

My son’s engraved silver baby cup.  Nineteen years later, it sits in his junk drawer scratched and dented.  He keeps both foreign and old coins in it.

Would I rather have this cup sitting on a shelf, pristine and shiny in near-mint condition?  No way!

baby tin cup

I apologize to you wonderful photo challenge people for not making it to your sites yesterday.  I will be enjoying both your “Bullshit” and your “Coins” themes today.  I can’t wait!

… and MIKEJW…. I am sending you an Easy Bake Oven made in AMERICA for CHRISTMAS this year.  Just you wait!

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