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Spinning in Circles
Published on Thursday, October 23, 2014 by

beach feather

Where does the time go? These last few weeks have found me running in circles, finding little time to write.

Not that things have been bad. Sure, there is plenty of stress. Kids overwhelmed with school and college, money worries, accident pain and everything else. But there is also good.

I’ve got all three kids under the same roof again. The weather and ocean stayed warm enough for me to swim in October. My oldest has been my gym buddy. And everyone’s health has been generally decent.

Just as I was pondering how things were going pretty smoothly, I hit yet another bump. But this bump felt like a mountain when I had to put my 14-year-old cat Olie down this week.

It is times like this when you throw your arms to the sky and beg for mercy. No longer flying, you find yourself stuck in the sand, unable to dig yourself out. Just like the picture above that I took of a single feather, trapped and left to spin about without flight.

But when you find yourself trapped, take a moment to stop and take a breath. Look at your environment and see what tools you have to make things work. Rather than fighting against the wind, bend IN to the wind.

You may just surprise yourself. Because all the while you have been running in a never ending circle, you often and quite unexpectedly make something beautiful.  Don’t ever forget to look at the big picture.

circle of sand

Here is to finding something beautiful in your busy life!

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