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Sharks On Outer Banks Minds
Published on Thursday, June 18, 2015 by

Hello everyone! For the summer I am going to switch from my lofty “post two times a week” goal to every Thursday. So here I am!

You might have seen all the recent stories about sharks in North Carolina and Virginia waters. Two children were attacked on the same beach last week North Carolina.  My thoughts and prayers go to these brave kids and their families!

This week in Virginia Beach a kayak tour spotted a group of bull sharks swimming in the water under the tour guide.

Needless to say, sharks are a hot topic on NC and VA beaches.

Last weekend my daughter went for an early morning walk in Corolla and saw a fin. And another fin. And then another. She quickly realized she was seeing cownose ray wings in the surf. We see schools of cownose rays gracefully soaring through the waves once a summer. The rays will slip the tips of their wings up, often resembling sharks.

Furthermore the dolphins were swimming fairly close to shore, most likely feeding on the fish the rays were feeding on. Plenty of potential for false shark sightings.

A magical moment, not a shark moment!

shark or dolphin

I would love a caption for this one.

dolphins in Corolla

Ummm, is that a shark?

shark in NC

I’m outta here!


This adorable young lady wore her special shark bathing suit to ward off bad ocean juju.

shark mouth bathing suit

And the deer?  They stay on the land and go “PFFFFTTTTT” to the sharks!

OBX buck

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