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Shoot Me Now‘Tis the Season for the December Photo Challenge

‘Tis the Season for the December Photo Challenge
Published on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 by

This month’s photo challenge theme was ‘Tis the Season.  So many photos, and only five allowed!

1. I’ll start with the blurry one. Every year a house in my mother’s neighborhood has Santa looking out of the window. Not just Santa…. But SANTA. Like the most frightening Santa you have EVER seen. I always forget about this Santa until I am driving home on Christmas night, exhausted and ready for bed. This year I finally stopped the car, backed up and took a picture with my iPhone. It isn’t about the quality with this one… it is about the CREEPY!

scary Santa

2.  I am not a crafter, a painter or an artist.  Which is exactly why I decided to make something for my mother for Christmas.  Much to my surprise, it actually turned out better than I had expected.  I collected every shell on the beach in Corolla, scrubbed each down, wrapped the styrofoam, glued the shells, painted the gold leaf on the edges…. oh and I also got gold leaf on my pants, on my table, in the sink, on the dishes and across the floor.  But it was worth it!

make a shell wreath

3.  Christmas means snowmen to me.  Every December I reintroduce myself to all the snowmen I’ve collected over the years.  Some are made by the kids, some twinkle with lights and some are chipped or broken.  In my house, even the broken snowmen deserve a place of honor!

snowman figurine

4.  A friend of mine gave me a beautiful glass cone that holds a winter scene, including a sparkle-covered reindeer.  I love the classic old feel of this beautiful gift.

old classic Christmas ornament

5.  Christmas dinner at my mother’s house includes prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.  My mother makes the most amazing Yorkshire pudding I have ever tasted.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and was surprised at how many people asked what it was.  Others commented that they have never seen Yorkshire pudding baked in a large pan.  Since I’ve eaten this every year since I was little I found it incredibly hard to describe what Yorkshire pudding tastes like.  Let’s just say, “IT’S SO GOOD!”

pan of yorkshire pudding

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and will have a magical new year!

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