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Shoot Me NowRocky Raccoon vs. Dottie the Dog: Raccoon-1 Dog-$240

Rocky Raccoon vs. Dottie the Dog: Raccoon-1 Dog-$240
Published on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by

While we were in Corolla last weekend, my dog was at home putting her life on the line while single-handedly going head to head with an unnamed animal with teeth.  Sharp teeth.  This remained completely unknown to her caretaker and therefore unknown to me. 

Sunday night Dottie met us at the door wiggling and wagging, just as she always does.  I reached around her for a big Dalmatian hug and found my hand soaked with blood.  Blood has a consistency all to it’s own, doesn’t it?  As soon as your hand touches it you can identify it, sight unseen. 

“Dottie, what HAPPENED!?”  I took her blood soaked collar off to find what looked like gaping tooth holes in her neck.  And the smell.  This was certainly not fresh. 

My son held her down while I cleaned what I could.  The wounds were so deep I was afraid I would hurt her more.  I topped the cleaning off with some Neosporin and a dog antibiotic I had on hand. 

The next day found us at the vet.  A big shout out to Pet Care Veterinary Hospital, the best vets at the beach!  $240 later, she was shaved, given another rabies shot, cleaned up, is on a pain killer and antibiotic.  She is also officially on Comfortis which I am hoping will help with her terrible flea allergy. 

“Mommy, let’s get a puppy!”  Have you heard that one?  I have to stand on my soap box for a minute and say, “Remember, puppies turn in to big dogs who can get BIT in their OWN BACK YARD in a complete FREAK ACCIDENT and cost you LOTS of money!”  I knew what a dog costs going in to this rescue, and she is worth every penny.  But “dog showing up with a gaping wound in the neck” is not what you would normally put on the “save for a rainy day” list.  I think a new dishwasher would be WAY higher. 

I’m still worried about my poor puppy.  As if she hasn’t been through enough in her life.  Thrown over a pound fence practically hairless, covered in cuts, scars everywhere… I keep telling her she did NOT need to protect us from Rocky Raccoon! 

Now she has a bloody, oozy neck that stinks to high heaven.  Ever smell rotten flesh?  Trust me, it is not nice.  She has a follow-up visit that we have moved to tomorrow, “due to the nasty smell emanating from her neck.”  Right now, my dog smells worse than my two male teenagers combined.  And that says a lot. 

Between me and my daughter, there has been a steady stream of prayers going directly to St. Francis from our humble home.  It is amazing just how deeply a dog can dig into your heart. 

Here is Dottie’s picture, in all her shaved and bloody glory.  This is actually a good picture, taken immediately after the first vet visit.  I just can’t expose you to what it looks like now – it isn’t pretty.  Would you mind doing me a favor?  If you happen to see St. Francis in your wanderings today, can you put in a good word for our puppy?  She can use all the help she can get!

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