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Published on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by

ocean sands corolla

She knew this weekend was her last chance to soak in the ocean’s healing salt waters.  A nip in the air foretold a change in the weather that she refused to acknowledge.  But Mother Nature, being fickle in her ways, blew in a storm that prevented that last final swim. 

So she took solace in the warm sun beating down on her face.  In the salty ocean air.  In the feel of the sand between her toes.  She ignored the time of day as long as she could, knowing she would have to give in and leave it all behind soon enough.

She slowly climbed the wooded stairs leading to the other side of the dunes. One step. Two steps. When she reached the top she paused.  Turned.  Closed her eyes.  She licked her lips to taste that last bit of salt.  Breathed in the ocean’s sweet air.  And with a tear in her eye she whispered to herself.  Remember.  Remember.

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