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Pelicans, Seals and Sausalito
Published on Sunday, April 19, 2015 by

Our first drive around San Francisco took us through the Castro District, down to the Golden Gate Bridge and in to Sausalito. One of the things I wanted to see on our trip was a seal swimming in the wild. I was also hoping to see a naked person in the Castro District. I saw the seal but not the skin. You can’t have it all!

We parked close to the Golden Gate Bridge and came across an area where people stack rocks near the water’s edge.

stacking rocks

The girls enjoyed making a rock tower with Alcatraz just beyond them in the water.

alcatraz view

This gentleman was fishing with great enthusiasm.  I was dying to see what people catch off this pier, but no one pulled anything in while we were there.

golden gate fishing

North Carolina pelicans are shy.  I realized this the minute I saw my first pelican in California.  These guys are not only fearless, but enjoy the paparazzi!

golden gate pelican

Apparently people can be seen walking around naked in San Francisco’s Castro district.  Sadly, the weather was too cold for me to see this.  Of course the cold might have made it less than impressive in the first place, right?  While we sat at a stoplight I snapped a picture of this fabulous balcony manikin.


We stopped in Sausalito for lunch and enjoyed the water view while waiting for a table.  This gentleman was preparing to launch his kayak, checking his gear before entering the water.  It wasn’t until I got home that I saw a slight funny nod to the female form in this shot.  Take a look at the pontoons on the bottom right and then look at the man’s hands.  He almost seems to be comparing!

kayaking in Sausalito

Pelicans were diving for fish the entire time we dined.  I just love burst mode.  My daughter got some really fun pictures of these beautiful birds.

diving pelican

pelican in San Francisco

Finally, the piece de resistance.  MY FIRST SEAL SIGHTING!  He was more than happy to smile for the camera as he warmed his face in the sun.

smiling seal

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