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September 2014 Corolla Fire
Published on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by

I was on the last three pages of my book when I heard commotion behind me on the beach. I turned to see people gathering on the top of the stairs. And then I saw the smoke billowing over the dunes. Grabbing my phone I rushed to join them, gasping at a scene that I could have only imagined in my worst nightmares.

A house was on fire, right in the middle of our neighborhood.

fire in Corolla

Fire is one of the greatest fears we have in Corolla. Every house is made of wood, surrounded by dry brush and trees. All it takes is one spark and a house can burn down instantly. With a fire that will spread to the next house, and the next.

This is why you hear me fuss about tourists setting off fireworks and Japanese lanterns all the time.   In this case, it was simply bad luck. A car caught fire in the driveway of the rental home and the wind blew the flames towards the house.

NO ONE WAS HURT. Some of the firefighters suffered from heat exhaustion but none were hospitalized. I cannot thank the Currituck County first responders enough for everything they do in Corolla.

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