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The Significance of Lotion
Published on Friday, October 5, 2012 by

This Thursday the 30-day photo challenge subject is lotion.  You won’t find a perfectly framed photo here today, nor will you find a crisp image with pleasing colors and tones.  Rather, you will find a dark, grainy picture I took with my old and quite scratched droid this Wednesday.  A dark grainy picture that comes with great significance.

For the last two months, this has been my view three times a week.  The table, towels and familiar bottle of massage lotion.  Unfortunately, the massage is not for relaxation, but for therapy.

Much to my despair, this picture signifies the last scheduled session of my treatment.  I have hit a plateau.  I still have pain every day, but the physical therapy is no longer making things better.  In physical therapy land, this means all sessions stop.

Today my doctor informed me my next step will be an appointment with a Physiatrist. This is a rehab doctor who specializes in nerve, muscle and bone damage and illness.

Thanks to a distracted driver, my life now consists of pain, soreness and…. lotion.  At least it gave me a photo challenge op!

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