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What’s On Your Cell Phone?
Published on Sunday, January 17, 2016 by

I’m still at a point where writing just won’t work for me yet.  My brain is trying to catch up with the real world world since my son’s surgery.  In trying to decide on a post, I scrolled through my cell phone pictures for ideas.  “What have I been up to?  What can I write about?”  Well, there is nothing better than a picture to tell a story, right?  Here are the last few pictures I found on my camera roll.

Today, out of the blue, it SNOWED.  It rarely snows here!  I met my mother and her friend at The Chrysler Museum and took a picture before going in.

snow at the Chrysler museum

While at The Chrysler, I decided I just don’t get “modern art,” as several pieces looked like children painted them.  I stood amazed in front of Renoir’s The Daughters of Paul Durand-Ruel, Marie-Therese and Jeanne, seen below.  This painting is beyond stunning in person.

girls on a bench renoir

After wandering through a few rooms, I came face to face with a Picasso.  All I could do was stare at his signature thinking, “Picasso SIGNED this.  He actually took his brush to this canvas and signed his name.”  I was awestruck.

picasso signature

My oldest has a lot of time on his hands as his body heals.  This week his friend came over to teach him how to brew his own beer.  My son can’t lift anything over 10 pounds, making his friend’s help invaluable.  The next morning I walked by his brewing beer and found a note that made my entire day.  I especially love the missing end quote.

homemade beer sign

My daughter and I finally finished my friend’s Christmas present last week.  She and I created a homemade lavender witch’s broom.  If you knew my friend, you would also know how much she LOVED it.  That made us happy!

lavendar witch's broom

Saturday my daughter and I went to a huge Asian market near our house.  I took this picture and sent it to my brother with the message, “I double dog dare you!”

mud fish

While we were there we tried our first Bibimbap and OH MY GOODNESS.  The bowl it was in was so hot it was sizzling the rice underneath.  If you have never had Bibimbap, you need to do so!


Thursday I dropped my pager in the toilet.  One of my Facebook friends asked, “Were you trying to flush it back to the eighties?”  Needless to say, it didn’t work for a few days.  And just so you know, it was PRE-potty.  But I DID fish it out with my bare hands.

toilet pager

I saved the best for last.  Saturday I pulled up to my house to find this sign smack dab in front of it.  I couldn’t even pull my truck into the driveway because I was laughing so hard.  My crazy middle son buttered up the Trump folk at a local gun show and scored himself a sign.  They asked, “But are you REALLY going to put it in your yard?”  I can see it now.  My son probably smiled his winning smile, flashed his big blue eyes and said, “Absolutely!”  And sure enough, that damn sign is in my front yard.  The neighbors are probably DYING, which actually gives me pleasure.  My kids make me laugh.  All the time.

Donald Trump sign

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