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What’s On Your Camera Phone?
Published on Thursday, March 12, 2015 by

Every once in a while I like to share random pictures I have stored on my iPhone. Nothing can reveal one’s true day to day activities like the pictures on a cell phone.

1.  Long story.  There has always been a competition in our family to purchase my mother the most unique aka UGLY frog. I saw this in the thrift store this month and was oh so tempted.  But my mother is trying to get rid of things, not collect them… so I held off. But it was close.  Sooooo close.

ugly thrift store frog

2.  My witch friend (another long story) did something to her hair that she has wanted for years.  She sat for TEN HOURS to get dreadlocks and extensions put in her hair.  The front isn’t styled in this picture but it will be.  I applaud her for doing something like this at “her/our age.”  The bonus?  It has pulled her skin so tight she looks like she got a facelift.  She is getting mixed responses.  But do you know what I say?  If it makes you feel happy and it doesn’t hurt anybody else, DO IT!

white woman dreadlocks

3.  I have been taking pictures of the progress of my whimsical acrylic jellyfish painting.  It isn’t anywhere near done yet, but when it is completed I am going to frame it for the beach house.

acrylic jellyfish painting

4.  This is the sketch I made of a red drum I plan to paint in oils.  I stink at oils… thus the class I am taking.  It is hard to tell from the picture but it will be a painting of water with the top of a red drum and his fin sticking out.  I hope it turns out!

sketch of red drum painting

5.  A huge tree limb fell on my son’s car during the big snow.  Now his hood has a long dent across the front.  It isn’t worth fixing if you consider the co-pay.  He will just have to drive around with a battle scar.

tree on car

6.  I always seem to have a dog, dogs and/or a kid on my bed.  Most of the time the dog is upside-down getting his belly rubbed.  He is the love of my life.  Just look at that sweet face, right?

cattle dog mix

7.  I took this picture in the 7-11 parking lot of my daughter and my friend. We made a quick stop before our thrifting adventure.  It is wonderful to have your daughter like your friend so much, and visa versa.  I remember when my daughter was a newborn and my friend was holding her.  She said about her, “She is an old soul.”  Look at them together now.

best friends

8. Sitting in traffic at a standstill, I found myself easily amused.  This poor truck… shamed in public about a faulty door!

bad door truck

9.  I am hoping to have a neat hair story for Sunday’s post, but you will have to wait to see.  It could be good or very very bad.  No I am not getting dreadlocks. My friend was taking before shots at work of my curls and I was photo bombed by a co-worker.  No respect!!!

photo bomb

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