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If You Won The Lottery
Published on Saturday, March 31, 2012 by

mega millions winner

What would you do?

As of this writing, there are three lucky winners of the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history.  I can’t wait to hear their stories!

I am not a huge lottery player, but I will get a ticket once or twice a month.  This week I had one ticket for each child, one for me and entered a ten-dollar office lotto pool.  My 18-year-old won two dollars.  Hollah!

Having a ticket in my hand, how could I not dream a little bit of what I would do if I won the lottery.  I am not talking about “I’ll go out and buy an island.”  After all, statistically 40% of all big lotto winners are currently broke.  The question is, “What would I really REALLY do with the money?”

My list?  Of course I would start with my mother’s financial adviser.  I would be sure my money is safe and secure with all taxes and bills paid.  That money needs to be there for my children when I am gone, which is one huge motivation when it comes to NOT spending it all.  EVERY child will go to college.    PERIOD.

However, I am not stupid.  There would definitely be some life changes and purchases.  So here I go.  “If I won the lottery, I would….”

  • Be a stay at home Mom and volunteer at my children’s schools.
  • Buy the beach house from my mom and live in Corolla.
  • Add a pool, alarm system and hot tub to the beach house, “just because.”  But I wouldn’t do anything else, other than perhaps buy new furniture.  I would live simply in Corolla.  That is where I am happiest.  In a family oriented, beachy cottage near the sea. And my mom?  I would spoil her rotten.
  • I would donate to both Catholic schools my kids go to, as well as to my church.  I would start a scholarship fund for each school for families like us.  Families that want their children to attend Catholic school but struggle daily to keep food on the table.  If I could keep a family from dealing with the constant stress I always feel, I would be a very happy girl.
  • My brother would never struggle financially again.  I would set up some kind of account that would provide him with enough interest to live comfortably of off.
  • I have someone in mind that could use a boat and a truck.  The truck needs some new guns for the gun rack.  Done.  Oh, and let’s add new rods, reels and tackle to the mix.  And some land.  With forest and water.  Perfect.  And one more thing, a full line of credit to Bass Pro as well as to a website that sells the very best survival gear available.
  • I would purchase two established money-making websites, one for each of my “sisters.”  These websites would provide a constant income to them for mortgage, food and luxuries.
  • I would adopt a dog from the local shelter and provide it with an amazing life.

None of that seems too extravagant.

Of course, I would purchase some luxury items.  I want a nasty, used truck with a trailer hitch.  NOT a new truck.  An OLD truck.  And I want a bass boat.  A plain camo one that can hold all of the family.  I would also love a mac laptop and an ipad.

There would be a family trip to Italy and one to the Caribbean.  Again, I would shop for a good price.  No throwing money around!

Honestly, the luxury in my life would be to shop at a grocery store in which I could buy anything I want.  And to buy new clothes that actually fit me.  And to take my kids for haircuts when they need them.  The day they ask for them.  THOSE would be the luxuries in my life.

And the biggest luxury of all?  Being able to stay at home with my children for as long as I can before they leave the nest.  THAT would be the greatest blessing of all.

So I ask you.  If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

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