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Shoot Me NowApril Photo Challenge: Friends and Family

April Photo Challenge: Friends and Family
Published on Thursday, April 30, 2015 by

kids on a fence

I love this month’s photo challenge subject and can’t wait to see what everyone has for “Friends and Family!”

1.  This California hummingbird was sitting on her nest, waiting for her new family members to hatch.  The nest was hidden in the middle of a few branches hanging over a small stream.  I fell in the water struggling to get this picture.  And laughed!

nesting hummingbird

2.  I took this with my iPhone that takes HORRIBLE pictures.  AND it was dark in the room.  But it is a picture I will treasure forever.  My son was tired after working a double shift.  As soon as he got home he looked for the dog and rested for a few moments with his very best friend.  He would kill me if he knew I posted this.  So don’t tell.boy loves dog3.  While in California I was able to spend an entire afternoon with the GORGEOUS Linda Medrano and her handsome husband Alex.  I am honored to now be able to call her my friend.  How can I possibly describe Linda?  She is stunning, smart, funny, inspiring, can walk in super high heels and is a woman who I am sure has many tantalizing hidden secrets.  And boy can she cook a mean chili!  I can’t wait to see her again.  I want to dig deep for some of those secrets!

linda medrano4.  Best friends even after three years of being apart.  This was taken several hours before both were crying in each other’s arms saying goodbye.  In this one moment during this one last adventure, both forgot what was coming and simply enjoyed being together again.

San Francisco picture

5.  These friends were dancing and doing gymnastics together on the beach.  I was very close to asking if I could take a picture of them jumping for this photo challenge but chose not to.  I didn’t “want to be weird.”  As luck would have it, while climbing the stairs to leave I heard one of the mothers say, “Do you girls want to jump while I take a picture?”  NO WAY!!!  I whipped around and started shooting.  Later that day the girls passed me while I was walking the dog.  I said, “I have a few great pictures of you girls jumping on the beach!  Do any of you have an email address I can send them to?”  All the girls seemed to stop breathing in unison.  They looked at each other, looked down and quickly walked away mumbling, “Ummm no but thank you.”  I told my daughter and her friend about it and they said, “Way to GO Mom… you scared them AND you looked like a TOTAL STALKER!”  Sigh.  But… I GOT THE SHOT!

girls jump together on beach

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