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Kill Da Wabbit
Published on Thursday, March 26, 2015 by

You may recall a few of my posts on the Pirate House in our neighborhood. This woman spends a month decorating her yard in a pirate theme for Halloween.

My daughter’s friend lives next door to the Pirate House. Sunday I was dropping her off and had to stop the car, put it in reverse and stare.

giant scary easter bunny

Did I really see what I THINK I saw???? Sure enough, standing before me was the most frightening life-sized Easter Bunny I have ever seen. Was it real? Was it fake? Was it going to hop to my house tonight and kill me!?

As I pondered the potential end of my life via Giant Easter Bunny, my dog Moon caught site of this freak of nature and began to bark.

That’s my boy… protecting me from all things giant and fluffy.

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