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Fog Over The Snow
Published on Sunday, February 22, 2015 by

snow and fog

Snow. An unusual occurrence in this area, to say the least. But snow we had. Enough that schools were closed the entire week! Our temperatures dropped to 7 degrees, which was a record once you added the wind chill.

I have never been in weather that cold and was actually a little bit excited to experience it. What did I learn? That tires get little icicles sticking straight out due to the motion of the car.


I learned that when you breathe in freezing air it hurts a bit. Cups of water freeze in the car, and so does deli turkey. Finally, when you leave your gym clothes in the car, they freeze things that shouldn’t be frozen when you put them on.

The coolest part of the week came this morning when warmer temperatures caused fog to form above the snow. It was truly magical to see such beauty.  I took several pictures in the fog and was delighted to find my blue heron friend just beyond the ice.

Here is the original picture, just as I took it in the fog.

heron in snow

Here is the picture after an auto-correct in Photoshop.

picture of blue heron

This is the original picture of the blue heron flying in the fog, just above the ice.

flying blue heron

Here is the adjusted photo.

flying blue heron

I chose to post both photo styles because they are so different.  I believe my favorites are the originals, which show just how foggy and beautiful it was.

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