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When I saw today’s writing challenge theme “Fears,” my mind went down a bad path.  Because there are deep and very dark fears I still face every day with my son and his health.  But then I remembered yesterday’s theme, “Stress.”  No stress here – not today.  Today we are going to discuss fear… and childhood.  And that isn’t stressful at all, is it?

childhood nightmare

When I was in first grade I lived in San Diego, CA.  I will never forget one of the worst nightmares I ever had.  I was walking down the street and saw that a human wolf was walking up the street on the opposite side.  He saw me and startled… and then began THE CHASE.

I spun around and ran up the street as fast as I could go.  Turning in towards my house I began to tear up the driveway and in to the open garage.  I was only one door away from safety.

The human wolf was getting closer and closer as I reached the stairs.  THAT was when my body went in to slow motion.  And the wolf went in to fast motion.  I began to fall so slowly that I never hit the ground as I felt the rush of the man wolf hit me.  And then I woke up in a cold sweat, unable to breathe or call out to my mother.

THAT, my friends, is REAL FEAR.

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