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Dover Comic Con 2015
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Cosplay:  Halloween for both kids and adults but without the candy.

A few weeks ago my daughter came running to me exclaiming, “Mom! I have the best idea! Cici and I found a comic con in between where we live and we want to meet there!”

First of all, the distance was five hours for me, two hours for the friend. And it would involve me taking a vacation day and saving up for two hotel nights, food and gas. I’m also not great at long distance driving. Sigh.

But I caved. And I am oh so glad I did.

I have never been to a comic con, nor do I know even ¾ of the anime characters my daughter is interested in. On the flip side, my daughter became extremely nervous when she saw the small town our hotel was located in. “If this turns out to be just a few people in a library I will feel so bad. I am the one who found this thing!”

My daughter cosplayed as Kiki from Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. When she emerged from the elevator and sat for a picture her self-consciousness brought about both laughter and embarrassment. This resulted in a picture that I will treasurer forever!

kiki's delivery service cosplay

As we approached the comic con on Saturday it became clear that this was going to be fun. Not five minutes in to being there my daughter was stopped by three people for pictures. Several little girls in particular wanted their pictures taken with “Kiki,” which warmed not only my heart but my daughter’s as well.

Kiki cosplay

Within TEN minutes I had already seen the Ghost Busters, Teletubbies, Spock, REAL Storm Troopers, several of the doctors, Glinda the Good Witch and characters from Sailor Moon.

Over the course of the entire day I became more and more impressed. Picture hundreds of America’s youth sharing a huge campus of buildings and fields. What would you expect to see? Heads down, cell phones out. But not there!

Instead, kids who are probably shy in most situations were outgoing, racing from person to person talking, taking pictures and laughing. Both young and old alike approached each other without a care in the world, chatting about costumes, the weather and everything in between.

cosplay ideas

Kids APPROACHED other kids and HAD DISCUSSIONS. I was flabbergasted.

The Dover Comic Con was a No Judgement Zone. It was so refreshing to see. The world needs more of this. People of all ages spent a day outside running, laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company.  My daughter is already planning a trip to Dover in 2016 and I am all for it.

I have so much to tell, but have decided to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Who ya gonna call?

ghost busters comic conStay Puft Marshmallow Man!

stay puft marshmallow manThe weeping angel was AMAZING.  Watch out Kiki!

weeping angel cosplay Padmé Amidala.  And yes, I had to look that up.  But WOW!

Queen Amidala cosplayLARP.  “Live Action Role Playing.” I had to be schooled on that one.

LarpingI saw Spock and practically tackled him to the ground for a photo.

spock cosplayThe children at the Comic Con were BEYOND adorable.

ewok costumeAgain, CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

father and daugherMy first, “Oh my GOSH I have to get a picture with you!”  Sailor Moon!

sailor moon cosplayThis panda stole the show. Batman Panda was the most comical, energetic and fascinating character in the field.

batman pandaEven Jango Fett needs tied shoelaces.

funny cosplay pictureA lovely ending to a perfect day.

dover comic con 2015

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