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And Then Dirt Flew
Published on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 by

Today’s writing challenge subject is “Newbies.”  This is my favorite so far!

They were newbies at this. While those around them raced by with glee, these two found safety near an empty bench.

Dirt flew as paws dug in to the earth, propelling them forward in groups of twos and threes. Teeth gnashed with playful bites of air. Ears flew and tails wagged while the newbies watched with big eyes.

And then a herd of six… maybe eight dogs came closer.. closer… until the two were surrounded and overtaken by wiggling bodies of fur and slobber.

The newbies had no choice but to become part of the group, turning and jumping while maneuvering forward and then back. Before long they forgot who they were and why they were scared. Lunging and dodging, they flew like the wind as they joined in the play.

One can’t remain a newbie in the dog park for long.

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