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Do Dogs Go To Heaven?
Published on Monday, May 4, 2015 by

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In my world, dogs go to heaven. But in others? Apparently not so much.

On the way to Corolla, my daughter told me about a lesson that had upset her recently. An authority figure in our church explained that animals do not have souls and therefore do not go to heaven. If it is in the Bible it is truth. Period. “So if you think Fido is going to meet you in heaven, you are very wrong.”

My daughter adores the person who taught this lesson. As she listened she was both hurt and conflicted. She was ready to stand up and fight for her own personal beliefs about dogs and souls, but knew it was the time and place to respect authority and stay quiet. Considering where she was, she made the right decision.

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Both my daughter and I volunteer for a dog rescue and have three dogs in the house. In our world, every dog we have owned and loved will be meeting us at Rainbow Bridge on the way to heaven. Period.

I told my daughter that perhaps this person never owned a dog and never experienced such an unconditional love. She said no, the person had owned a dog.

After we talked a bit about it, I asked my daughter what SHE thought. She said, “I don’t care what ANYBODY says. Dogs have souls and we are going to see all of them again.”

I told my daughter that if I have a god, my God is not restricted to any words in a book. MY God would love all creatures, great or small. And if this God indeed loves us all, He will be sure our pets are waiting for us in heaven. Otherwise, I’ll find a different higher up. One that doesn’t mind dog hair.

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