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Photo Challenge – TWO
Published on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 by

albacore shipwreck

I loved this month’s photo challenge theme “Two.”  It is like a photographer’s choice with a challenge.  I could do this all day long!

1.  During the winter I kept hearing that the Corolla shipwreck off of Albacore Street had been uncovered a bit more by the winds.  I made sure to visit it on our first day back this month.

This wreck is officially known as the O’Keefe, named for the person who discovered it.  Locals believe it is actually the wreck of the Metropolis.  102 lives were lost when this steamship came aground in January 1878.  Because there is no proof that this is the Metropolis, the wreck is not considered “of historical value.”

The top picture on this post is a view of the ribs and keel.  My “official challenge picture” shows the end of a rib that has split in two.

I keep a small piece of a rib in my winter jacket, since the skeleton has been left to break down on its own.   I have sat at this wreck and thought of those who died, holding them in my heart.  I always feel something powerful when I visit this shipwreck.

metropolis shipwreck obx

2.  Two weeks ago the windows in my house rattled.  People felt this shaking from the Outer Banks to Hampton Roads.  The next day dead fish washed up on the beach.  Dolphins and small whales have beached themselves since that time. The military has denied any testing or blasts and there were no known earthquakes.  These menhaden are still washing up.  Hmmmmmm……

dead menhaden

3.  Every weekend morning my dog wakes me early to walk on the beach.  Two birds were flying in front of the sun as I took this picture.  I look at this photo and think, “Peace.”


4.  I love how this guy has his two claws placed so perfectly in front of him.  He posed himself perfectly before venturing off to the great big beach in the sky.

brown crab in obx

5.  Saturday as the evening turned from twilight to night the sun began to create astounding shadows and patches of light across the dunes.  I didn’t do any touch-up to this photo.  What you see is exactly what we watched from the deck.  These two clouds floating up the coast added to the beauty of the end of our day.

amazing clouds on dunes

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