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Be Yourself!
Published on Thursday, July 23, 2015 by

WHO was the coolest guy on the beach last weekend?

man with mowhawk


If you have ever read “Harpo Speaks,” you may remember two rules Harpo had for his children:

“If you have an impulse to do something that you’re not sure is right, go ahead and do it. Take a chance. Chances are, if you don’t you’ll regret it – unless you break the rules about mealtime and bedtime, in which case you’ll sure as hell regret it.”

“If it’s a question of whether to do what’s fun or what is supposed to be good for you, and nobody is hurt whichever you do, always do what’s fun.”

I just MAY be following Harpo’s rules next Wednesday.  Either way it should make for an interesting post on Thursday, to say the least.  I’ll give you a hint.  I am NOT getting a mohawk.

Never forget to be yourself, at all costs!

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