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Asian Market Adventure
Published on Friday, February 6, 2009 by

If you have an Asian market near you, I highly recommend you visit it with a little money in your pocket… and with an open mind. 

Yesterday my mother and I went to a new “Fresh Market – International Grocery” that recently opened just a few miles away.  When I walked through the doors, I heard the angels singing.  Never in my life have I seen such an amazing selection of vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, meat and more. 

It was as big as any large grocery store, and actually contained huge fish tanks with poor little guys that will be butchered upon request.  I cast my eyes away from that area, but have to admit my excitement when I made my way to the fresh fish section.  I know – these neatly placed (dead) fish, happy chilling on a bed of crushed ice, were actually in those tanks at some point – but I am conveniently ignoring this particular fact of life. 

I could have spent hundreds of dollars in this eclectic international market.  From Japanese products to freshly baked Hispanic bread to things I could not even recognize – this was my idea of heaven.  If you have any type of Hispanic, Asian or Indian market in your locality, you need to go – TODAY.  

Oh, and be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed.  I took some great pictures of some interesting (to say the least) Japanese food labels that you just can’t miss.  Stay tuned for those… (Yes, I took some pictures with my phone, only to see  a sign on the door upon leaving that stated, “Do Not Take Pictures.”  How weird is that – don’t take pictures in the store?  At least I didn’t get busted!)

Here are my purchases:

  • 5 Kiwis for one dollar.
  • Pork pot stickers.
  • Rolled ginger cookies. These are the best cookies I have ever put in my mouth.
  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, otherwise known as the “Rooster Hot Sauce” in my house. My oldest son never puts anything in his mouth that does not have this chili sauce on it – including strawberries.
  • Rico Bakery Conchas – wonderful sugar coated Hispanic bread.
  • Goya Spanish Olives, stuffed with lemons. A bit of a disappointment.
  • Parrot Brand Coffee Milk Buscuits. Hmmmm, droooollll, coffeeeeee.
  • Pho Mixed Spice – Yes, I make Pho – yet another blog post for the future!
  • Pho Rice Stick Noodles
  • Fresh Thai Basil. This is my favorite fresh basil. I put it on sandwiches, on veggies and more.
  • All Natural Extra Soft Tofu – for my smoothies.
  • 1 LB of Chinese Chestnuts.
  • Green Tea Icecream – we are trying this tonight.
  • Monk Fish – this is the poor man’s lobster, and is going to be in my belly tonight!


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