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The Hunt for the Blue Tacoma
Published on Thursday, November 19, 2015 by

I have been enjoying a life with no car payments while driving my mother’s old minivan. Although I knew the 2002 Sienna wouldn’t last long, I assumed I had plenty of time to find my dream vehicle.

For months I passed the word around to any car lot that would listen. “I want a used DARK blue, four door, four wheel drive Tacoma.” Occasionally I would get a call. “I found one, but it is light blue,” or “I found one but it isn’t four wheel drive.”

Every week I would check car gurus to see if any new blues were posted. The problem with Tacomas is that they are so good no one wants to get rid of them. And when they become available they are rarely dark blue. But I continued the hunt.

Then came the news on the minivan. It required about $2,500 worth of work. That is when my panic began.

“What do I need to take off of my perfect list? Four wheel drive? The color? What should I give up to get me in to a reliable vehicle SOON?”

I won’t go in to the details of me up all night stressing over trucks, prices, car payments, slippery salesmen and negotiation. Buying a used car is scary. Was it taken care of? Did someone simply clear a check engine light and put it on the lot? What if it is a lemon?

I’ll cut to the chase. Someone was looking out for me because two weeks ago I found the one. And I mean THE one. It is much newer than I had planned to get, much more expensive, much more reliable and is still under warranty.

It is also blue. Not the Nautical Blue I wanted… but just as good. It is BLUE SPARKLE!

Of course I have guilt, because I held out and waited for my dream truck. Mother’s aren’t supposed to get what they want, right? Aren’t moms supposed to drive minivans until they can’t legally drive anymore? I guess the fact that I have many car payments ahead negates that, yes?

So here she is in all her glory!

blue fleck tacoma

Having never driven a truck, I am still getting used to it’s size and length.  I park on the top floor of the garage, I make sure no other cars are around me and I think hard on every turn.  What can I say.

My daughter asked what I will be naming her. I happily blurted out, “Blue Sparkle!”

“NO Mom. You are NOT going to name your truck Blue Sparkle. NO!”

(Heh heh heh…)

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