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Zurich, Switzerland
Published on Friday, January 20, 2017 by

This is the third “chapter” of the Friday writing challenge with the topic, ” Zurich, Switzerland.”

rocks at bridge

Lisa knew he was at her door before she heard the knock.  Slightly unnerved at that fact, she grabbed her hoodie and headed for the door.  When she opened it she was once again mesmerized by those intoxicating eyes.  It was as if he could see through to her soul.

“Where are we off to, then?”

Grinning, Morgan pulled her out the door.  “Everywhere.”

By the end of the day Lisa found herself at Fisherman’s Wharf taking her last bite of the best lobster roll she had ever tasted.  Well, it was the first she had ever tasted… but that didn’t matter.  Her day had been filled with complete delight.  She had stacked rocks at the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge, walked through crooked alleys to find the Fortune Cookie Factory and stood at the water watching seals raise their heads towards the sun.

“I can’t believe this,” she said.  “I have spent two days exploring San Francisco with a man I hardly know.  I have ignored my work and laughed more than I have in months.  And yet I hardly know anything about you!”

Chuckling, he said, “What do you really need to know?  There isn’t much to tell.  Or there is a lot to tell.  Either way, we have an undeniable connection.  Nothing else matters.”

As Lisa cracked open her last fortune cookie she asked, “Well let me at least try.  For instance, where were you born?”

“In Zurich, Switzerland.  A very long time ago.”

She smiled as she looked down at her fortune  That is, until she read it.  “Travel may be dangerous.  Use caution.”


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