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Zombies are Attacking!
Published on Saturday, January 31, 2009 by

This is the stuff I live for. Zombies are attacking Austin, Texas. Or at least that is what two road signs declared during a busy morning commute.

Apparently, hackers managed to cut the padlocks on the signs and program this warning about zombies attacking.

For anyone who has seen I AM LEGEND, I’m sure they glanced nervously to their right, expecting a zombie to smash into their side window at any time. <shudder>

A crime? Yes. But let’s really think about this. Imagine being half awake, sipping your coffee while driving to work. You glance to your right and see a sign warning against zombies. Coffee spews. Choking begins. Laughter follows. Congratulations, you are awake and the day seems just a little bit brighter!

Perhaps it is the rebel in me, hiding behind the good Catholic mom fa├žade. But I say kudos to the sign hackers. Life is too serious, and I think the world would be much better if we all had a sense of zombie humor. This is GOOD STUFF!

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