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Shoot Me NowYes, the Blood in the Truck Bed is Real

Yes, the Blood in the Truck Bed is Real
Published on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 by

A Halloween Review in Pictures

halloween makeup

zombie makeup

fake blood

fake blood







mom blog

  • Okay – THAT – is seriously cool! Such makeup and really cool zombie eyes! Just wicked cool!!!


  • Holy crap you don't mess around…

  • OMG! These are GREAT! Holy Awesome Halloween!

  • Excellent job on the makeup and your daughter looks just like you!

    • My neighbor did the makeup… Halloween is her FAVORITE holiday. And the worst part? She works at the medical examiners office so she sees… well…. “bodies” daily… and knows what the skin is like, the coloring… pretty creepy but it makes for a terrific makeup artist!

      Funny, recently a lot of people have been saying my daughter looks like me. I always say, “poor thing!” (Not in front of her!) When I was little I was so awkward, but thankfully she is graceful, beautiful and sweet… however I really do see a resemblance nowadays in our pictures… but where are the curls?? ha ha!

  • The makeup artist has done the fantastic job. They are really looking horrible.

  • Wow! You did really great! It looks so real and scary! Glad that I didn't meet you on this night 😉

  • Coolest make up ever! And you and your daughter are actually pretty zombies! I’ve never seen pretty zombies before so that’s saying something!

    • Ha ha!!! I would love to have on my tombstone one day “she will be a pretty zombie.” How cool would THAT be! People would go to the graveyard SO SAD and see that as they are going by and laugh. 🙂

  • Some scary zombie girls you are! Why am I seeing this at 11pm at night? I shall hold you responsible for any bad dreams…

  • yuani

    very creepy, like real. her makeup is very experienced.

  • Service Apartment South Delhi

    Hello this is really cool bro! I was afraid for a second I thought they are the real ghost.

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