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Zodiac Fail
Published on Sunday, February 13, 2011 by

Life would be boring without a little laugh here and there, including in the line of 7-11.


Sagitarious. Sagattarious.  Saqittarious. Oh, whatever. Just print it.

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  • Mishelle

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh Man.. that’s hysterical!


  • Sacagawea?

  • Probably not the best source of horoscope advice.

    • And with the whole thing about “what sign are you REALLY” now, this is CERTAINLY not the one you want your horoscope from!

  • apparently the editor fell asleep and missed that one

    • Truth be told? I had to look up how to spell Sagittarius, and I AM one! So I’m no better. But it did give me a great laugh!

  • lol

  • Shobhnap

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