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Shoot Me NowYou Have GOT To See My New BackYard Makeover!

You Have GOT To See My New BackYard Makeover!
Published on Friday, November 13, 2009 by

I’ve had enough rain.  I’ve had enough wind.  I’ve had enough dark days.  I’m DONE.  Nor-easter, go away!!!

If you have the weather channel, which many of us don’t because the power is off and on… you have probably seen news reporters standing in floods and wind, reporting on the “Nor’Easter of the Year.”  That would be ME.  That is MY hometown.  We ARE the Nor’Easter of the Year.  And we want it to GO AWAY!

We started to hear rumblings about, “possible flooding” and “stock up on groceries” a few days ago.  I have enough to get by, so I didn’t pay much attention.  A nor’easter was on the way.  NOT a hurricane, which would have raised red flags for me… but a nor’easter.  That is “old hat” to us by now.  Rain,wind, storm surge, bad hair – been there done that.

Or so I thought.  This nor’easter was up there with Hurricane Isabella.  With that hurricane, we went to Grandma’s.  After all, we have BIG TREES all around the house.  Brick or no brick – a tree can take down a house.

The storm has gone on for a few days.  Last night was the worst of it.  The wind reached gusts of more than 60 mph in some areas.  As I was serving some chili to the kids, we heard a huge crash in the back yard.  Everyone froze, waiting for, I don’t know, something.  And then it came.  Another loud crack, crash and thump.

My beautiful Oak was down.  Or part of it was down.  All we knew is something was DEFINITELY down.  The tree took out the tree house, another wooden play house, a swing set and a trampoline.  But it didn’t take down OUR house.  Thank goodness.

Here are the before and after shots:

Would anyone like to contribute to the “we don’t have any money to take this tree out of our yard” fund?  Or even better, do you have a chainsaw and a local address, all tied up with a big heart and nifty red ribbon?  Sigh.  One can dream, no?

It is still raining.  It is still windy.  It is still dark.  And I am starting to grow mold.

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