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You Better Put Out
Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by

Day five of the We Work for Cheese blog writing contest challenge gives us the post topic, “You Better Put Out.”

She couldn’t hear herself scream over the ringing in her ears.  But that really didn’t matter.  After all, the screaming stopped the instant her back hit the cold, hard ground.

How many years would she still feel the scrape of a single rosebush thorn grazing down her arm?

“You better put out!” he growled through gritted teeth.  Bracing himself over her, he lowered his head and snarled just above her ear, “You better put out.”

She put out.  There was never a choice to be made.  Those many months ago, she closed her eyes, counted to ten and made certain she put out.

Her eyes cast down to the tiny baby cradled in her arms.  As her mind wandered towards those darker days, she was vaguely aware of her tightening grip.

Protectively, she lowered her head towards the baby’s serene face.  As her lips brushed the infant’s cheek, she was slightly aware of an odd, lingering scent of roses.

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