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Field of Flowers
Published on Sunday, April 26, 2015 by

Today we learned that sometimes you just have to pull over, sneak in to a farmer’s field and take pictures.







“What if we get stopped by State Patrol?”  “What if the farmer sees us?”  “My hair is all frizzy from the rain and wind!” “I’m not dressed in anything pretty.”  “What if there are ticks?”  “It will be hard to turn on that tiny dirt road.”  “How will we get BACK on the road?”

Excuses.  What If’s.  They run through your head constantly.  Today we ignored the What If’s in order to be sure we didn’t spend the rest of the day saying, “What if!”


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  • Ron

    “Excuses. What If’s. They run through your head constantly. Today we ignored the What If’s in order to be sure we didn’t spend the rest of the day saying, “What if!””

    OMG, I loved that and BRAVA to you, Katherine, for ignoring the What If’s and stopping to take these photographs. They’re feakin’ BEAUTIFUL! And I had a HUGE smile on my face looking at them. OMG, the colors you captured are stunning. I especially love the shot of your two daughters standing among the flowers and how you captured the wind in their hair. Such a gorgeous shot!

    And of course, the one of you is faaaaaaaaaaaabulous! Love your hair!

    Thanks for sharing your day, my friend!

    • Oh Ron, my hair my hair my HAIR… ACK! It is still so short – ugh. The cut is excellent but UGH. And the funny part about this picture is it is the only one that was slightly good enough to post because I had been walking on the beach hours before in a nor’easter. Like FREEZING rain, horrible wind… I looked like Gene Wilder in the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

  • Grand fun. I’m glad you let your hair down so to speak.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • Ha ha ha! There was a terrible rainy nor’easter all day at the beach and my hair was a massive poofy helmet!

  • Heather Ras

    Beautiful pics of my favorite peeps!

  • Now that’s a real field of dreams…the kind that beautiful pictures and beautiful memories are made of. I love the yellow and green, brilliant. That’s a lot of flowers!

    • The girls had so much fun deciding how to pose to be creative. We took TONS of pictures!

  • Hey Katherine! Yep, seize the moment, work out the details later! Nice pics =) Indigo x

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