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X-Ray Machine, Here We Come!
Published on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 by

lacrosse picture“Lacrosse?  Oh, sure honey.  You can join Lacrosse.”  (Isn’t that similar to soccer?  Just two nets, some innocent sticks and a tiny little ball?) 

Since then, I’ve heard the following quotes from other adults:  “I HATE Lacrosse!  It is the most violent sport there is!”  “I stopped wearing my glasses during my son’s games…. I just can’t look!”  “Lacrosse?  That’s more violent than football!”  And from my pediatrician, “Lacrosse is brutal!  But it’s a guy thing…” 

Fast forward to last night, Patient First, X-Ray machine, forearm and wrist.  Outcome?  No break, however the bone is bruised and the wrist is badly sprained.  He is in a splint and is still hurting.  

Did I mention it is his right hand?  If he still hurts in three days, he is supposed to get another X-Ray.  Apparently, fractures are often not seen on film until days after the injury. 

Three hours in the waiting room.  A woman practically beating her child.  Rows of chairs that smell like vomit.  It was a magical night for all. 

Now go back to my first paragraph.  Would my answer change, “now that I know?”  Nope.  After all, he can’t wait to go back.  It’s a guy thing….

By the way… Today my lunch was a taste of heaven – from a sub shop!  Visit Agoosa for my review of the best lunch I’ve had in months!

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