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The Ultimate Wrestling Move
Published on Monday, April 19, 2010 by

Honestly, I’m not sure who won.  What do you think?

A New Wrestling Move Guaranteed to Make You Win from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

mom blog

  • I think the clear winner was the child that was able to stay upside down for that long without throwing up!

  • LOL, let’s just say both parties get a congratulations for being entertaining. Must be tough being upside down like that.

  • Dang it! My extremely slowwwwwwww internet connection here in Tahoe for the week is preventing me from seeing anything other than a big black box, so I’m going to guess that the puppy won. There was a puppy in there, right?

  • ScoMan

    One of my friends invented a great move in High School.

    He called it the “Face to fist” where basically his plan was to repeatedly hit the other persons fist over and over again with his face.

    I guess “Face to Fart” is an extension of that.

  • I’m DEFINITELY not going to show that to my kids. Boys are so retarded.

  • Oh WOW!! I have two boys of my own and that scene was oh too familiar!! LOL I can tell you didn’t have any fun in the making of the video 😛 I love it and your blog site!! I look forward to more!! Loved it!!

  • Well whoever won, everyone was having such a good time, who cares who won. Great video.
    Have a great evening.

  • Boys are so different from girls that I can’t even believe it. Both participants look pretty talented.

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