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Would You Tell Abraham Lincoln?
Published on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 by

Day 12 of the WWFC blog writing extravaganza happens to fall on the day I have to take valium and prepare for my 11:00 back procedure…. ROUND TWO.  So I am playing the “short post” card.  I’m sure you understand!

Today’s blog writing challenge theme is, “The day I met Abraham Lincoln.”  I had several ideas for this post:

  • Write in the voice of a farm child who happens upon young Lincoln.  Lincoln is splitting wood on his own farm.
  • Write in the voice of a slave who briefly meets Lincoln along the road.
  • Write in the voice of a young woman who is secretly drawn to Lincoln.

But alas, between work and home responsibilities, I had no time to give those ideas my full attention.  And so I pondered…. If I could go back in time as myself and actually talk to Lincoln, what would I say?

My initial thoughts were to thank him for what he did for our country.  Or to ask him for advice on how to be a good person in today’s busy and over-electronified world.  Or to simply bow at his feet.

Then I made up my mind.  I would tell him not to go to the play in which he would be shot.

Think about it.  What if you could tell Lincoln about his assassination before it happened.   Would you do it?  If he knew about it, would he still allow it to happen?  Or would he stay as far away from Ford’s Theater as possible?

What if telling him about the assassination changed everything?  Would telling him set off a chain reaction, causing all of his good to become undone?

Would YOU tell Lincoln about John Wilkes Booth?

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  • I don’t know if I’d tell him or not. I do know I’d probably bet on the Super Bowl, having known just who won.

  • All good questions! My question is :how are you?!?!

  • Ron

    Oooo…I really like your reflection on this topic, Katherine!

    “What if telling him about the assassination changed everything? Would telling him set off a chain reaction, causing all of his good to become undone?”

    Interesting and great questions because telling him WOULD change everything. So in as much as I would like to think that I WOULD tell him, I also believe in destiny and fate.


  • Andrew Johnson was such a failure as president, I think I’d tell Abe not to go to the theater. It would have changed everything but I’d roll the dice on this one.

    As hard as it was to lose JFK, I wouldn’t change things then. While I still feel a little broken inside whenever I think of JFK, I firmly believe that his charm would have been his downfall and none of the pledges he made would have gotten the support they needed to succeed. With LBJ at the helm, all those promises were kept.

  • Haven’t you seen Final Destination? Even if you somehow manage to cheat death, death will find you.

  • He might not have remained a hero in later years. Rather than calling him “Honest Abe”, we might be calling him “Lying Lincoln”.

  • Small Town Mommy

    I don’t know what I would do if I met Lincoln. Think about it. Even if you told him about the play, would he believe you? Or would he just think you were crazy (or even worse, threatening him).

  • That is a difficult question. At first I would say yes, If I had the knowledge to save his live then by all means tell him. But then, I think for good or bad things happen for a reason, or fate or karma, whatever, and who am I to mess with it.

  • I suppose if I could warn him, I would but he probably would think me insane. Who after all would know the future…or maybe I’d be arrested because he would think I am a co-conspirator. Had Lincoln not been shot history might of played out quite differently.

  • Somehow, I think he’d just smile and thank you for your kind words. (Hope today’s procedure went well!)

  • MalisaHargrove

    Hmmmm. What a dilemma. I would tell him. Then they would drag me off to the sanatorium for a little rest and relaxation. So are you feeling better? Did the injection work? Hope you are pain free!

  • Oooh, good one, Katherine! I wouldn’t tell him. I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason.

    • mikewjattoomanymornings

      Oh yeah? Then explain this effing prompt, Swami.

      • KZ

        Just to confirm, are we all writing about Lincoln because February 12th is his birthday? Was that planned out?

  • Hey Katherine! I try not to tinker when I travel in time. As for Abe, I’d leave everything to unfold as it did; the man is a legend, and his untimely demise and the history that followed relied upon that. Indigo x

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Sure, I’d tell him. I’d have a moral responsibility to tell him, even if it effed up history forever, which it probably wouldn’t have, because he was pretty much done anyway. I think. Maybe not. Maybe it would’ve screwed up everything and I wouldn’t even be here.

    Look, stop trying to make me think. We live in an electronic world, and I’m busy.

  • I probably would have been napping and missed it, anyway.

    And I’m with Dufus. I’d have bet big on a Super Bowl or two. 😉

  • KZ

    I think the mere mentioning of those story premises is good enough. Those are interesting situations to imagine. I find myself doing that right now.

    As for warning Lincoln, yeah, I probably would. How much more screwed up could this world get, you know? Temporal anomalies be damned. I want to take a chance and see what the world would have been like had Abe Lincoln been alive a little longer.

  • Cadeaux

    This is exactly why “Doctor Who” tells you not to go in and alter history – and then he does.

    But…he’s the doctor…he knows.

    But, considering we have all these membranes (branes) intertwining with each other and every conceivable thing that would happen has happened…I think you can sit back and relax, because you have already warned him in one of those instances. Just bring your camera and get a good seat. I bet you could really sell that photo on eBay. Not as much as the YOU who is in another dimension who already has a photo of Abe and Angelina Jolie’s love child photo…but that’s not your “brane” – so you are going to have to deal with it and stick with the moment of the bullet in his brain while you are all in your brane.

    No Grandfather Paradoxes here – just good clean branes.

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