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Worst Christmas Ever
Published on Monday, June 25, 2012 by

Day 25 of the 30-blog writing challenge from the fabulous blog We Work for Cheese.  Today we are supposed to write about The Worst Christmas Ever.  Nicky, you wanted to hear my voice.  NOW you will be sorry.

P.S. I got home late from Corolla and can’t stay up to read the roasts.  I can’t wait to do that tomorrow.  Sorry I missed you today!

silver christmas tree

Many people have heard me say, “I hate Christmas!”  Yea, ME!  Cheery, smiley happy Katherine.  “I HATE CHRISTMAS!”

Was it a terrible childhood filled with years of disappointing holidays?  Or was it something that happened later in life?  Actually, it was neither.

My childhood was wonderful.  My Christmases were wonderful.  Perhaps that is the reason I hate Christmas today.

But I don’t hate CHRISTMAS.  I actually cherish our traditions.  Christmas Eve Mass.  “Stealth Mode.”  Watching the Mass in Rome on TV with my mom as I prepare the living room for Christmas morning WHILE DRINKING CHAMPAGNE.  Seeing my children with wide eyes every Christmas morning.

What I hate is what happens BEFORE Christmas.

First of all, we can’t say MERRY CHRISTMAS anymore?!  REALLY!?  It is freaking CHRISTMAS.  People who celebrate Hanukah should be able to say Happy Hanukah.  People who celebrate Kwanza should be able to say Happy Kwanza.  And people who celebrate Christmas should be able to say Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays MY ASS!  (Can you tell this fires me up?)

Furthermore, guess what Christmas is about.  It is about JESUS!  Yes, I know… CRAZY!  But it is about JESUS!  Not PRESENTS!  I don’t think half of America knows this.

baby jesus

Then the p-e-o-p-l-e.  They push you out of their way.  They honk at you in the parking lot.  They charge up every credit card they have and suffer for the rest of the year for doing it.  And they get upset if they didn’t get what they “want.”

What happened to Christmas being about Jesus.  About family.  About a huge dinner together.  About giving a gift that MEANS something to someone.  Homemade.  Or a picture that reminds your loved one of happy times gone by.

I love Christmas with my family.  I love our traditions.  I love Christmas Mass.  But doggonit, I hate “Christmas.”

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  • Nope. I’m not sorry one little bit!! I agree with you that people are downright stupid when it comes to Christmas. I actually found this one site where someone had collected a bunch of Tweets from people who were whining about it being the worst Christmas ever because they didn’t get an iPhone 4 or they got the iPad instead of the iPad2!!! Ingrates!

    Uh-oh, I think you found my voice too! 🙂

  • I am totally with you and I’m a Jew (with a Christian hubby). I have a hard time with the attitudes of people at that time of year – it is sad to watch folks overspend, overdecorate, overindulge and then try to recover from what is intended to be a religious celebration. I see kids that ask for the most outlandish things but cannot tell you the meaning behind the holiday. 

  • I’m in agreement too.  Christmas has become a competition for the best gift, lines of traffic on the highways, lines in the stores, maxed out credit cards, and everyone trying to outdo the other with decorations, etc.

    I remember to look at Christmas lights, and it was a sight to see some candles in the windows, and perhaps a tree with colored lights standing all alone in the darkness.

    For years, I would make snacks for Christmas Eve, and my parents would come over and we’d eat, play Christmas music, visit and then go out to look at the lights.  Those were good times. 

  • Ron

    Katherine, I am in TOTAL agreement with everything you shared!

    “Happy Holidays MY ASS!  (Can you tell this fires me up?)”

    Thank you! I’m so over having society tell us that we have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.

    And being someone who is in retail, I know all about getting caught up in the ‘commercialism’ of the holiday because I see it from November until the end of December. 

    To be honest, one of the best Christmas’s I ever had was when I was flat broke and had a very simple Christmas; focusing on the ‘meaning’ of the holiday.


  • Wendy

    OH YES. It’s irritating today that there are so many words like this, where we need to put into quotation marks  that we don’t mean “Christmas” but Christmas, as we then define it, as it really is. Many of my friends will be thrilled I send them this great posting.
    Thanks so much for stating this. 

  • nonamedufus

    Couldn’t agree more. Why are we worried about offending people by saying Merry Christmas? That sucks. Instead we’re supposed to be politically correct and all-inclusive with Happy Holidays. If it’s Kwanza it’s Kwanza. If it’s Hanukah it’s Hanukah. Each has it’s own things to associate with it. What? Like I’m going to buy a holiday tree?

  • Barb

    I hear ya! I hate it when people try to be politically correct and say Happy Holidays!

  • We aren’t religious but we still say “Merry Christmas”.  I think there is a lot of pressure to make this holiday a “cash cow” for the economy.  Alex and I always have a tree and decorations and such.  It’s a time of the year we do a lot of entertaining (dinners, etc.) and we always enjoy that.  In years past, I tried to do a family thing because my Mom enjoyed that so much.  It got too big, too frantic, and too stressful.  After Mom passed, I don’t do that any more.  We do a quiet Christmas Eve dinner at one of our favorite places, come home, drink a little wine and exchange gifts, and then go to an open house a friend hosts every year on Christmas Day.  We do see the kids, usually right before or right after Christmas and we celebrate with them too.

  • I am absolutely with you on this!  I get totally infuriated when I’m told that we shouldn’t call it Christmas. I will NOT be told by anyone that I have to say Happy holidays. Just like I will NOT be told by anyone that I can’t say I’m ‘English’ any more. 

    Mo and I opted out of the ‘before’ Christmas years ago. We shop on-line, refuse to view any Christmas ads on TV and if we don’t have the cash, we don’t buy it.  It’s sad because browsing the shops before Christmas was part of the enjoyment years ago. Not so now.

    I would love to bring back the Christmases we had in the fifties 🙂

  • I’m with you! BEFORE Christmas = nightmare. All the stress and prep = exhausting. And, I don’t care WHO gets mad – I STILL say, Merry Christmas. 

  • PJHar

    And the “before” now seems to start before Thanksgiving. It gets worse and worse every year. 

  • I never understood why people can’t say, “Merry Christmas.”

    The battle for gifts and parking spaces overshadows the meaning of Christmas. By the time folks get together, they’re emotionally gutted.

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