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Worst Christmas Ever
Published on Monday, June 25, 2012 by

Day 25 of the 30-blog writing challenge from the fabulous blog We Work for Cheese.  Today we are supposed to write about The Worst Christmas Ever.  Nicky, you wanted to hear my voice.  NOW you will be sorry.

P.S. I got home late from Corolla and can’t stay up to read the roasts.  I can’t wait to do that tomorrow.  Sorry I missed you today!

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Many people have heard me say, “I hate Christmas!”  Yea, ME!  Cheery, smiley happy Katherine.  “I HATE CHRISTMAS!”

Was it a terrible childhood filled with years of disappointing holidays?  Or was it something that happened later in life?  Actually, it was neither.

My childhood was wonderful.  My Christmases were wonderful.  Perhaps that is the reason I hate Christmas today.

But I don’t hate CHRISTMAS.  I actually cherish our traditions.  Christmas Eve Mass.  “Stealth Mode.”  Watching the Mass in Rome on TV with my mom as I prepare the living room for Christmas morning WHILE DRINKING CHAMPAGNE.  Seeing my children with wide eyes every Christmas morning.

What I hate is what happens BEFORE Christmas.

First of all, we can’t say MERRY CHRISTMAS anymore?!  REALLY!?  It is freaking CHRISTMAS.  People who celebrate Hanukah should be able to say Happy Hanukah.  People who celebrate Kwanza should be able to say Happy Kwanza.  And people who celebrate Christmas should be able to say Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays MY ASS!  (Can you tell this fires me up?)

Furthermore, guess what Christmas is about.  It is about JESUS!  Yes, I know… CRAZY!  But it is about JESUS!  Not PRESENTS!  I don’t think half of America knows this.

baby jesus

Then the p-e-o-p-l-e.  They push you out of their way.  They honk at you in the parking lot.  They charge up every credit card they have and suffer for the rest of the year for doing it.  And they get upset if they didn’t get what they “want.”

What happened to Christmas being about Jesus.  About family.  About a huge dinner together.  About giving a gift that MEANS something to someone.  Homemade.  Or a picture that reminds your loved one of happy times gone by.

I love Christmas with my family.  I love our traditions.  I love Christmas Mass.  But doggonit, I hate “Christmas.”

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