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Shoot Me NowWordless Wednesday: Look Out For Bears!

Wordless Wednesday: Look Out For Bears!
Published on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by

It took me three tries and a “pullover” to get this picture on the way to Elizabeth City.  Black bears wander through the Dismal swamp. I love this sign!

bear crossing sign

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  • Tina

    You know around here it’s odd to see bears. There is a black bear that likes our neighborhood, always traveling around looking for food. We’ve seen this bear year after year and think it’s the same bear.

    Here’s the weird thing. On day I was about 6-7 miles down the road, when I saw something run across the median… couldn’t get a good view because of the large trees and brush in the median and then as I passed I looked in my side view mirror and saw what I thought was a bear and it hit the left rear panel of my van! I thought to myself, that is crazy. This animal ran like a bear, but it couldn’t be. Then my son said, “Mom, a bear just hit our car!” I’ve had a deer hit my car, but never a bear.

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