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Women and Vulnerability
Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by


Have you ever felt vulnerable, unsafe or sickened by the actions of another?  Sadly, I faced just that yesterday afternoon, leading to not only disbelief but to seething anger as well.  Where do I start?

After work, I picked up my daughter and was on my way home when we stopped at a light.  I noticed some activity in the car next to me and turned to look.  Two young men were attempting to get my attention.

Not wanting to encourage, I looked forward.  It wasn’t until they honked the horn that I glanced back towards their car.

That was when the punk in the passenger seat arched his body and began to unzip his zipper.  As his hand reached for the pants button, he stared directly in to my eyes with a sickening grin on his face.

At that moment, my daughter leaned forward to see what I was looking at.  MY DAUGHTER.  My ten-year-old daughter.

When the idiot realized I had a child in the car he plopped back down and stared ahead.  The light turned green and everyone moved along.   Thank heavens my daughter has no idea what occurred in those brief yet significant moments.

I drove away in complete and utter disbelief.  At that point, the potential implications of this situation had not yet sunk in.  We met up with everyone at home; I changed my clothes and headed off to the gym.

As I started on the elliptical machine, everything began to sink in.  Feelings of rage, fear and resentment flowed through my body.  I increased the incline on the machine and pushed myself harder than ever before.

Indeed, between the weights and machines I carried out the best workout I have ever had in the gym.

As I prepared to head home I felt renewed.  Strong.  Capable.  Until I approached the door and saw I would be walking alone in the dark parking lot to my car.  Security guards were on duty, but this was the latest I had ever left the gym.

Now I just felt angry.  Those lowlifes had been in a car, for heaven’s sake.  I had not been in any immediate danger and there were people all around me.  But I wasn’t the only one in the van.  Those jerks not only made me feel vulnerable, but also placed my child in that very same position.

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There are great benefits to being a woman, but there are unfortunate downsides as well.  We women are the weaker sex, no?  Generally, men are physically stronger than women are.

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The key is for women to use not only their power right back in a situation like that, but to use what God has given them naturally as well.

These natural abilities women have?  Mental strength.  Strength to fiercely protect their own children.  Patience to wait until the right moment to strike.  And a great knowledge that can be used during even greater battles.

But how can one feel safe in a world where anything can happen at any time?

Have you, man or woman, been faced with a situation that led you to the feelings I recently experienced?  Or men, have you known a woman who encountered a similar situation?

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