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Published on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 by

One should never reveal his or her weakness.  But to all of you, I will.

I’m pretty tough.  I can handle snakes, bugs, slimy things and furry fast things.  I can even handle spiders.  Except….

Let me explain.

One day as a teenager I was innocently skimming the family pool.  Of course you know me… I’m the one out there saving bugs that are floating on the water, often telling them, “It’s OK, I’m saving you!”

Indeed, that is what I was doing for a giant spider.  Not giant spider.  GINORMOUS spider.  This sucker had the biggest body I have ever seen in my life.

Once I caught the spider in my net, I moved it over to the concrete and tapped it out.  And that is when it happened.  It’s huge body began to undulate and then melt before my very eyes, getting smaller and spreading across the ground.

My heart stopped.  I forgot to breath.  And panic set in.  WHAT THE……..!!!!!

Did I mention spiders don’t really bother me?  But this one?  This giant, bulbous melting spider?  Sent panic from my head to my toes.

I soon learned what I saw was a Wolf Spider.  Mommy wolf spiders carry their young on their backs.  What I was watching was a good mommy taking care of her babies.  That is what I tell myself over and over when I see one.

spider with babies

But to this day… <shudder> when I see <shudder>, hear <shudder>  or think about a wolf spider <shudder>, I start to feel panic flow through my body.

Have you ever SEEN one of these things?!?

spider carrying babies

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