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Published on Saturday, February 28, 2015 by


I missed my Thursday post because I am sick, sick sick.  Sinus, ear and lung infection.  I figured everyone would understand.  I’m in bed trying to stay awake to make this post, surrounded by warm puppies.  Puppies make everything better.

When I saw that the February photo challenge was WINTER I thought, “We never get snow… everyone will have great photos of snow except for me!”

Guess what?  WE GOT SNOW!!!!!  I had 28 pictures saved for this challenge, but had to whittle them down to five.  That was hard.  I had to cut the shot of the huge tree limb that fell on my son’s car (yes there is a bit of damage), the picture of a squirrel looking out of a tree and a picture of a blue heron coming out of cold water.

Oh heck.  I’m adding that one at the end.

1.  When we hit a cold record of almost 0 degrees, I put a bowl of water outside with some flowers in it.  I love my ice daisy.

freezing flowers

2.  My friend has a beautiful old glider in her front yard.  I loved how the icicles were hanging from the bottom.

metal glider

3.  This is a view from the top of the garage at work.  It reminds me of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

miniature picture

4.  All my boys building a giant snowman.  Well, two are actually mine, but I consider all my family.

build a giant snowman

5.  This is my favorite picture.  My daughter and I were walking in the quiet snow and I asked her to blow some snow for a picture.  I actually love the blur and the lines of snow falling from her hand.  It is one of my favorite pictures of her and will always hold happy memories of special times together.

blowing snow picture

And my bonus picture BECAUSE I COULDN’T JUST CHOOSE FIVE!  I already posted this on Facebook but love it.  This blue heron looks like he is saying, “Woo hoo! That water is COLD!”

blue heron taking off

mom blog

  • What a delightful post. You did very well and being sick too.

    Have a terrific weekend. I hope you get well soon. Scritches to the puppies. ☺

  • I love the idea of placing flowers in a bowl and letting it freeze!

  • christine

    When I saw the photo of the street (before I saw your caption), I immediately thought, “Hey, she lives in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood!”

    Great idea to put the flower outside before the freeze!

    That is one gigantic snowman! How did they manage to put the head on?!?!

    And I completely understand why you had to include the heron photo. Forget the rules. It’s a fun photo.

  • Peej

    The picture of all the guys is so great!! There is so much going on in that single frame, and you captured it perfectly. Your whole set is very nice, but that shot definitely is my favorite. I also really liked the perspective for the street shot. Nice job!

  • GeoKs

    I almost always sneak in a 6th photo for the monthly photo blogging challenge – usually as my feature image that appears on my home page! So I echo the earlier comment – rules are made to be broken, especially when there’s a great photo involved!

    The snowman building project is amazing – all those guys working together, outside and away from any sort of screen. No wonder you had to make a photograph to record the moment. I really like that you chose to include one of the work in progress, rather than the finished snowman with the guys all standing around.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Ron

    Katherine, so many people I know have been sick these past few weeks. In fact, I was supposed to get together with a friend today but she called last night and had to cancell because she is sooooo sick and I totally understood.

    That’s amazing that you got snow this year because we haven’t gotten much at all here in the Northeast. We’ve gotten some, but it melts so fast. It’s been FREEZING though. This winter has been strange because it hasn’t snowed as much as last year but it’s definitely colder.

    FAAAAAAAAABULOUS photographs! OMG…that first one of the ice daisy is gorgeous!And I also love #2. #3 looks like a minature town! And that last one of the blue heron caught in flight is AMAZING!

    Honestly, you5 photography ROCKS!

    Stay warm my friend and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  • Lightwalker1

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by like and comment on my Winter posts. You made my day. You have a unique perspective and take on life. I love the textures you captured. Snow is a fun medium. I hope you feel better soon. Yes, everything is better with puppies. Kindest Regards Cheryle

  • Danielle Kempe

    Great photos!

    I like your ice flowers & the bonus heron pictures the best.

  • Paul Myers

    Nice set of shots. Your blue heron shot made me laugh. If I were a betting man, I’d lose big time, because it looks like a grey goose from the angle you’re taken the shot.

  • Lisa

    LOL! yes, the heron looks like he’s saying exactly that!! What a great idea to encase flowers in ice. The effect is lovely.

  • That heron shot is magical! And funny … !

    I like the idea of putting out a bowl with flowers in it so it would freeze. You got a great picture from it!

  • Mike Davis

    I really like how your tilt-shift came out. And the snow falling out of the hand as it’s being blown is nice. Great selection!

  • With all the snow we got this year (and still have), I say everybody should have some and share it all over! Great shots for the month. Love the idea of the ice flower. That is pretty wild, indeed. And the heron photo is a nice capture!

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