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Shoot Me NowThe Suspense Is Terrible. I Hope It’ll Last.

The Suspense Is Terrible. I Hope It’ll Last.
Published on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 by

Video fails.  How is it that people have a camera at the ready when something is about to go seriously wrong?  Crotch hits, trampoline falls and cats slamming in to walls.  What is the secret to shooting these so effortlessly?

Now.  Imagine my anguish when I found myself behind a moving truck jammed with boxes, doors actively flying in the wind.  If only I had a…. WAIT!  MY FLIP!  I HAVE MY FLIP!

Do you remember the scene when Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka was watching Augustus stuck in the tube?  Quietly, he noted, “The suspense is terrible.  I hope it’ll last.”  Indeed.

willy wonka suspense

The scene unfolds.

Drivers surrounding the truck move to the right lane, ensuring no one gets hurt.  The doors fly open and shut, keeping suspense to a maximum.  And the boxes?  Piled high, just waiting for a bump to send them flying.

You don’t want anything to happen.  But-Yet-You-Do.  Because you, a blogger, have a video camera.  And there is about to be a very big fail.

Notice the car near you attempting to turn left.  It slowly inches behind the truck.  You can hardly catch your breath.  You are overjoyed when the car clears danger’s path, anticipating the boxes will tumble out just seconds after that suspenseful moment.

This is Youtube Gold.

Sadly, because you are Katherine, and you have your video camera recording LIVE, nothing happens.  But you post the video anyways.  Because as Gene Wilder beautifully explained, “The suspense is terrible.  I hope it’ll last!”

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  • Ron

    YIKES! I was bitting my finger nails while watching this video, Katherine!!!!

    THANK GOD nothing fell out of that truck or there could have been a terrible accident.

    And kudos to you for catching this on video!!!!

    You’re like an eyewitness new reporter!

    Btw, the LOVE Gene Wilder and the movie Willy Wonka!

    Have a great day, my friend…..X

    • Ron, I think I can’t love you more and then you tell me you love Gene Wilder and Willy Wonka! That is my favorite favorite FAVORITE movie, even as an adult!

  • Yeah, I’d say everyone got lucky there.    Good catch!

  • Sitkum_2000

    That’s funny!

  • You’re so easily amused.  Okay I admit it I am too.  That was something indeed.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Girl, you are CRAZY for videoing and DRIVING at the same time! Please tell me you were in the passenger seat?

    • LOLOL My son had the flip for 99 percent of the time!!! My wing man!

  • I get that same feeling whenever I hear the sound of tires squealing. I wait for the inevitable crash. The suspense is terrible. And it doesn’t last. It would be great if it did, though. 🙂

  • Wow…I was sure you were going to win best action-packed thriller until the damn door closed. At least you were ready…and will be the next one! Do people have their cameras rolling all day long in hopes of catching suspense? I watched the news last night of the pretty surfer in Santa Cruz waiting for a wave when suddenly a few feet from her two mammoth whales decided to surface way into the air before crashing down again with a mouth full of sardines. Who could have possibly known those whales would make a showing right then and then? I think they were tipped off. Maybe they are vying for a gig at Sea World. Just my guess.

    • I SAW THAT VIDEO… IT WAS CRAZY! You are right… I hadn’t thought about that… how in the world did they happen to have the camera going right when it happened. A definite Sea World tipoff, for SURE!

  • Mel

    You weren’t driving AND filming…….right?

    I’da pulled over and let him keep going.
    Or pulled in front and honked and pointed like crazy.
    Unless of course those boxes were filled with chocolate……………

    <– doesn't like chocolate

    • My son was the main video taker… it was interesting…. everyone saw it and went in the right lane – we were all going just a bit over 25. Those boxes were filled with SOMETHING heavy… if it was chocolate I would have sensed it… TRUST ME! 😉

  • I keep saying women can do anything because we’ve been driving for years while doing other stuff – feeding the baby, applying makeup, having lunch.  What’s a little filming and driving?

  • That was almost like one of those “only in Russia” videos 🙂

  • Peter

    Willi Wonka the one who has a chocolate factory. If only Willy is really existing I want to visit his chocolate factory someday.

  • This video is not interesting.

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