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Shoot Me NowCharlie and The Chocolate Factory Is STILL One Of My Favorite Movies

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Is STILL One Of My Favorite Movies
Published on Monday, October 19, 2009 by

I remember being in first or second grade in San Diego when my father took the family to see Willy Wonka on the big screen.  This scene had me mesmerized.  I would dream about this world.  The chocolate, the candy… pure heaven for a little child.

Today I watch this scene with different eyes.  Gene Wilder is simply amazing.  I still tear up when Charlie finds the golden ticket.  I still walk out of the room when “Cheer Up Charlie” is on.  I always wonder why the owner of the candy store gives all that free candy to the other kids while hungry Charlie just gets to gaze through the window licking his lips.  And when Gene Wilder tells Charlie to remember what happened to the man who got everything he always wanted I choke up.  “Snifff….. he lived happily ever AFTER sniff sniff!!”   I am such a sap.

Do you have a favorite movie that you have watched time and time again?

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  • Now don’t laugh, but my favorite movie is The Sound Of Music. I used to watch it every year when it came on TV. Sometimes I still do. I have the CD and I know all of the songs by heart! My Favorite Things is actually on my MP3 Player.

    Now, I told you NOT to laugh! Reading your post makes me want to pull out that movie. Like my kids don’t already think I’m psycho enough!


    • Michelle, The Sound of Music is still a huge part of my memories during that same time period! I can belt out the goat puppet show song like nobody’s business! Of course, I am asked very quickly to stop – especially when that fake British accent kicks in!

  • Jen

    My all time favorite movie is Sound of Music too though I am partial to action movies as well. Armageddon being a favorite. Speaking of which you won my contest by guessing Armageddon on my post about crappy movies. Send me an email with your 125X125 image/URL and I will post it for one month. Congratulations!

    • Jen, you pretty much GAVE me the answer ha ha! Actually last night when I was writing this post I remembered your post about movies and almost.. ALMOST put, “Oh, and Jen, if you are reading this… what is YOUR favorite movie? Yeaaa that’s it. Totally unrelated to your blog… Just type it here… you know you want to!”

  • Oh, you picked all the best sappy moments from the movie. The one other line that makes me melt is at the end when Charlie gives back the gobstopper and Willy Wonka says “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” Love it and now I’m getting all weepy!

    Congrats on winning Jen’s movie contest, too! Just heard about it.

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