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Will You Be My Best Friend? Check Yes or No.
Published on Friday, September 4, 2009 by

This weekend has great adventures in store.  With STUPID school already in session, weekend beach house trips have pretty much come to a halt.  But tonight, come 9 pm we will be on the road, heading for the amazing OBX!  Woop! Woop!

With the past two weeks of stupid school, I’ve already had two kids down sick.  The second is on the couch as I type – I hope he will be up to going.  My first bounced back pretty quickly, just as I did when I got it.  So my hopes are high that I’ll have a surfer in the water by Saturday afternoon.

The interesting part of our weekend?  On Saturday at about 4:00 in the afternoon, my high school  best friend will be pulling into the driveway with her two daughters, ready for two great days at the beach.  Why interesting?  I have not seen Suzanne in 15 long years.

Being a Navy brat, we moved several times during my childhood.  We left Virginia Beach at one point and moved back years later.  I still knew everyone, but unfortunately, those kids had grown and formed their own cliques.  I was entering my junior year friendless, not welcome into the cheerleader group, the brain group or the popular group.

But just behind me in Social Studies class was another girl, probably feeling just as alone as I.  How long did it take us to talk?  Weeks?  But once we did, the deal was sealed.  She became my best friend to the end.  Ahhh the trouble we saw.  The laughter we shared.  The tears we cried.  The eyes we rolled!  We were two peas in a pod, Suzanne and I.

The best of times were our trips to Bush Gardens, riding every roller coaster they had to offer at least a hundred times in one day.  Once a year, her and I.  We would talk about our futures.  What would it be like to have kids?  Where would we end up?  And then we would get in the front seat of that coaster and laugh until we couldn’t breathe.  Those were some good times.

busch gardens beer garden

grapes at busch gardens

rainy busch gardens

But just as it does for many, graduation split us apart and later found us in different states.  Despite this, she was my Maid of Honor and I even got to show her my first born on one of her visits back to town.  But after that, we drifted apart.  There have been Christmas cards, a few calls and eventually emails.  But it wasn’t until a few months ago that she said, “I really REALLY miss you guys and want to come see you.”  So here we are.

We were so alike, she and I.  But a lot has happened in 15 years.  I’ve had and am in the middle of raising three children.  She has had two girls that I’ve never seen before.  So I’m packing up my crew and she is packing up hers and we are meeting in the middle.

Nine people, one house, years have passed, many are strangers.  How will it go?  My older boys and her older girls.  My younger girl who is afraid they won’t “play” with her due to their age.  My mom, bless her heart, stuck in the middle – and a friend of one of my boys coming along for the wild ride.

This is almost like a social experiment, no?  Can you jump right back in to being best friends?  I know our parenting styles are different, as are our kids.  But we were BEST FRIENDS.  We were inseparable.  Life has become our roller coaster, each of us on a different track.  Now our trains are about to meet in the middle, so we both need to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Somewhere deep in my heart, I know she is still Suzanne and I am still Katherine.  I plan to raise my arms up in the air and yell to her to do the same thing.  I plan to feel the wind in my face, the laughter in my heart, and enjoy these few days of being young again – with my BEST FRIEND.

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