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Thank Heavens For THAT!
Published on Monday, November 7, 2011 by

While packing up the car this weekend, I noticed a little feedback had been left on my back windshield regarding my parenting skills:

message on car

Funny thing about feedback?  Sometimes the person giving it thinks twice and decides to soften the blow just a tiny bit.  This was apparently the case, as noted by the additions I later found on the glass:

wierd mom

Indeed, I am so glad I am not a “Weird Mom,” but rather a “Weird <heart-smiley face> Mom.”  What a relief.

mom blog

  • I guess that would soften the blow.  Kids!  They do the craziest and coolest thing at the same time.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

    • HA HA!  I took “Weird Mom” (or as it is written, “Wierd Mom”) as a compliment… I would rather be a weird mom than a boring one! 🙂

  • Look again, Katherine! You’re actually a wierd <3 mom 🙂 !! And I definitely think it was meant as a compliment. LOL

  • Ron


    OMG….that’s hilarious Katherine!!!!

    But, also so sweet!

    And you’re right….better to be weird than boring!

    Have a great week, my friend!

  • My kids “write” on my car too.  I think they want me to get it washed.

  • Ahahahahah! I’m a “weird mom” too! xoxoxo

  • We take pride in our weirdness! Our kids have lived with it and love it. They would be bored with “normal” parents!!

    • You know what, I think you are right. My kids would SO be bored if they didn’t have someone like me to harass!

  • Miy son asked me once if others thought I was weird.  Shocked, I asked why he would ask such a question.  He said because I listened to opera.  He called Andrea Bocelli ‘opera’.  Who knows what makes our offspring think we’ve slipped the noose on our own pretty necks. 

  • At least they didn’t write @#?%-head mom on the rear window and then circle the place where they know you’ll be seen sitting….and of course you don’t notice it and wonder why all the cars that pass honk and laugh as they speed by.

  • Mel

    Awwwwww…..what smart kiddos you have!  😉

    Take that ‘weird’ deal as a compliment.  I did.  Bugged the heck out of ’em that I thanked ’em..LOL WELL worth it!  

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