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Why I Refuse To Watch The News
Published on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 by

news doom and gloom

Three people were murdered last night, a teen died in a car accident, the BP spill is spreading and 26 abused animals were taken out of a local home this week and are currently in cages at the pound.

And this is only the teaser for my local station’s full half hour program.  THAT is why I don’t watch the news.

I remember my father having the news on when I was a child.  To me it was the most boring bit of television that was ever put on the air.  Picture me rolling my eyes, sighing and walking out of the room as the anchor’s voice droned on and on.

But in those days, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.  It wasn’t “news for ratings.”  It was simply news, good or bad.  If I knew then, right?  I might have sat to listen for a bit.

Today there isn’t a single positive story on any of my local television stations.  Every story is about murder, rape, abused animals or even worse, children.  You don’t see any news reporters exclaiming, “Yowsa!  I just got a great scoop on a large donation to the food bank!”  Instead it is more like, “Hot DAMN!  I have a murder-suicide on the peninsula!”

Furthermore, I have heard on many occasions a family member asked, “We just heard your son was killed.  How do you feel?”  Yes, that is a real question repeated often.  “So your loved one is dead.  How do you feel?

What do they expect?  “Well, kinda sad Junior is gone, but at least things will cost less at McDonalds!”

So I refuse to watch the news.  I truly believe, “Garbage in, garbage out.”  They can keep their garbage.  I would rather be outside walking with my daughter anyways!

Do you watch the news?  If so, do you watch local, CNN, World News, all or some?

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  • I totally agree… When I checked my bloglist, this topic kinda caught my attention & hence dropped in…. Very true, I hate to watch or hear them….. It is like there is hardly anything 'happening' in their terms & they get things to happen all for themselves….. They do not seem to be bothered about what is happening to the common man… Common man is only a victim & all the 'news' is about the celebrities, the politicians & their relatives…. They sneeze & it is in NEWS…. I am so fed up with all of them….. No news they turn on to case files, exaggerating them in all directions…. Still nothing at all then all about prostitution….. Is there not a single person left who feels responsible to the society… I fail to understand…. When it can strike my minds, how is it possible that they are not struck with it….???

    As a child I remember, my dad forced to me to watch the news to be literate of the happenings around….. but was boring for me & I dozed… Just wanted to do away with that half an hour of the 'news-sense'…… But now with these channels blabbering the same thing 24/7, what better can they go blah blah about….. I just wanna see this world ending on all the Hippocrates with their double standards…

    Aaaaah! That was a nice venting….. Thanks for the opportunity 😉

    hugs )))


    • Ash,

      I just left a comment on your blog – so glad you came by! I love “they sneeze and it is the news…” You are so right. It is no wonder people are disheartened with the economy and this world. All they have to do is turn on the television and they see negativity. What if they turned on the TV and there were POSITIVE stories… or stories about how to make yourself happy, how to help people in even small ways, how OTHER people are helping those around them… wouldn't this world be a different place? I am listening to Wayne Dyer on CD in the car and have been inspired. He talks about if you are always thinking about money problems and family problems and work problems, then you are making all that continue to happen. But if you think positive things then THOSE will happen. So if you watch the news and you hear horrible things, you see “stars” doing less than good things, then your mind gets in to that rhythm. So no news for me! Again I am so happy you stopped by because I read your blog all the time and lost it somehow… 🙂

  • Arnold

    Here in my neck of the woods it is exactly the same. Apart from a bit of sport I have given up on television completely for this very reason.

    Even in sport things are very negative. Just last week I was watching our local soccer team playing in the World Cup. Unfortunately our guys lost. After the game the commenters did not say things like 'well played' or 'you tried your best'. No, instead they said 'the hopes of the nation have now been shatterred', 'will our soccer ever recover from this shame'. What is wrong with these people? What must those poor players feel like now? If something is not extremely negative the media is just not interested in it. If it happens to be positive, they will turn it into something negative.

    • Wow… the Hopes of the Nation were SHATTERED? How dramatic is THAT! I think the BP oil spill will shatter the WORLD eventually. I think war will shatter every nation… but a game? And what happened to being good sports…. WELL PLAYED! My middle son plays basketball and we clap at every close attempt at a basket, whether it is our team or not. After all, a game well played is beautiful, no matter which team is doing it well!

  • Joy

    Coming from DC, watching the news was a good way to keep up with the world's goings on. It was organized into World, National, Weather, Sports and then Local news. On moving to NYC I was shocked and saddened that news programs lead with Local and Entertainment news, followed by National and sometimes World events. What a colossal waste of time! At least in the newspaper or online you can pick and chose what to focus on. When newsing the web I prefer BBC, without the MeMeMe hype that American outlets affect. Also loathe the concept of asking grieving people how they feel about a tragedy that has just changed their lives. How would anyone feel? Pissed off as being asked on national tv how they feel. Incidentally, I don't think anyone asked the president of BP how he feels about the situation.

    • “Pissed off as being asked on national tv how they feel” GOOD ONE!!! And so true. I think the news people descent on these people when they are in shock and can't really SAY no to an interview. I lived in Vienna VA and I remember watching the news as a teen. Funny how NY leads with fluff instead of news! Sad!

      • Joy

        I just saw this and thought you'd be interested: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petition-for-more… It begins:

        In the interest of Humanity's great potential, We the People declare that it's time for TV stations (and all news outlets) to offer more positive and uplifting news. . . .

  • I'm with you on this! About a year ago, my husband and I decided to give up watching the news. It was always more upsetting than informative. We get our weather from the Weather Channel and our news from the Internet, where we can control which stories we want to follow – and we can choose to avoid the “news for ratings” stunts.

    • You know, I think the internet has helped a lot with being able to get around the “news” shows nowadays. (I consider them shows rather than broadcasts!) We don't have cable so I go to weather.com for the weather. I love how you and your husband made a conscious decision to do that!

  • No. News. Ever.

    I can't take it!!!

    • So it isn't just me. Two co-workers were doing a “quick glance” of the news and we got in to a discussion that ended up depressing me. I guess I would rather stick my head in the sand when it comes to particular issues. “I know it is happening, I know animals are hurt, now I don't want to hear anymore.”

  • I think I stopped watching the news when I saw a news anchor, serious and somber, finish giving graphic details on a story about a teenage girl who was brutally assaulted then turn and smile radiantly at the weatherman and say “We're going to have a beautiful day today, aren't we?”

    • WOW. AMAZING. Simply AMAZING. You wonder if they would be that way with something that happened in THEIR families!

  • I totally agree here. I don't watch the news either. I know bad things happen, and will continue to happen whether I watch the news or not. I don't pretend they don't happen, I'm just happier if I don't know about it.

  • That's the truth. They ought to name it, everything bad that happened to people today show instead of the News. I don;t watch the news any longer, as a matter of fact I stopped watching in Sept of 2001, after the Twin Towers I had it with “The News”. Great post by a great blogger 🙂

    • That is so interesting that you stopped then… and I agree. I watched a lot of news right after, but then it got to be too much. WAY too much. I hate it when they talk about the same story all day every day. They should stop the “blah blah blah repeat repeat” and put on OTHER news… then in the meantime research the first story so they can report NEW things about that story! I am HONORED when you stop by, you KNOW that!

  • I am totally with you on this. I can NOT handle watching the news. It makes me way too upset, angry, and left feeling helpless. The ONLY news I watch now a days is the E! News.

  • sheilasultani

    You're right it seems like the TV news only cares about rating. The only way they think they can get ratings is by reporting every evil horrible thing humanity can do. But, I noticed something yesterday and I was going to write a post on it – if you search news online they actually report the good side of the world. Do you know that since the recession started the number of people who volunteer has soared, that made me feel happy. Maybe the news anchors just need to realize that we'd enjoy happy new too.

    • That is an interesting thought. I wonder if anyone has experimented by starting with good news and ending with good news in order to make the watchers feel good… and perhaps return?

      My oldest children are required to work volunteer hours by their school. I think this is an excellent thing – they start all the school kids off helping others!

  • I'm a total news junky, mostly political news. I read the news from several online sources. In the evenings I'll check in on CNN, and sometimes, just to see what lunacy Faux News is spewing I'll stop by there. I read Huffington Post and Daily Kos regularly, along with the NY Times and am always jumping off from their via different links. It's really hard to stay on top of all that's happening and some of the crap that's going on can easily send one running for the bottle — and I mean the hard stuff, not just a nice Pinot. Still, I think now, more than ever, we have to try to stay informed. There's just too much at stake.

    • It's good that you follow this… I stick my head in the sand – people like me count on people like you to keep us informed – like your blog! I DO read your blog, but I don't watch the news – so I guess in a way I get my news from you! You are SO much better than my local stations!

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