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Whole Foods Virgin
Published on Monday, November 19, 2012 by

Before today, I was a Whole Foods Virgin.  But no more.  Today, I am finally a real woman.  Indeed, I have officially been to Whole Foods.

This fancy-schmancy store opened just a short while ago, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it.  I began to think about it when a friend of mine started talking it up.  And then I found myself CHILDLESS with FOUR HOURS ALONE.

“Mom?  What are you doing this afternoon?”

I never do things for myself.  Without kids.  EVER.  The fact that I was going to do something fun for myself was big enough.   But to make it my first trip to a Whole Foods?  This afternoon was pretty epic.

After negotiating around the police officers directing traffic (yes, Virginia Beach has so few uncool food places we residents need police to direct us around the Whole Foods Grocery Store!), I met up with Mom and in we went. 

Here are a few of the things that caught my attention:

spices at Whole Foods

I want this, and this, and this…

truffle salt

That price is NOT a typo. Gingerly, I lifted the lid and took a whiff. PEW! It stank!

cotswald whole foods

My idea of heaven.

pistachio cake

OH-MY-GOODNESS (wiping away the drool).

cake with cannoli

Cannoli pornography.

sweet potato shortbread

The lemon rosemary shortbread was right below this. Sigh.

whole foods roast beef

Meat. Rare. WOW.

The Lucky Peach

Anthony Bourdain has praised this foodie magazine. I want a subscription. BAD. OH SO BAD.

I left $38 poorer with a teeny tiny bag and a big smile.  My purchases?

whole foods

Quickly taken in the car before my daughter and I devoured the croissants and marzipan chocolate!

Two REAL croissants, nutritional yeast flakes, black Hawaiian sea salt, whole wheat Orecchiette pasta (little ears), chocolate covered marzipan, clay soap, almond butter, Emmi Cave Aged Gruyere, and…. COTSWALD!!  (I had never heard of Cotswald until Nicky and Mike’s 30-day challenge, in which several bloggers mentioned it.  Thanks to them, I’m HOOKED.)

There is so much to see at Whole Foods, and so many people to dodge while you do it.  The next time I go, tell me what I should try.  What is YOUR “must have” list from Whole Foods?


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