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Published on Thursday, April 19, 2012 by

Along with Ziva, Mike WJ, Nicky and Mike, Mo, Nonamedufus, Bryan, Mariann, Malisa, Nora, LaughingMom, Tanya, Elizabeth A., 00dozo, Cheryl, Kristen, Pam, Meleah in the photo challenge, I give you WHITE.

I can’t think of a more delicious form of white.

foamy cappuccino

mom blog

  • Thanks for labels because this sure looked a lot like the bubbles from raw sewage. (Can you tell I don’t drink coffee, let alone fancy schmancy stuff like this?)

  • Whew!  When I remembered your post from yesterday I was afraid you were going to melt your snowman.  I’m relieved. 

  • Dishwater water? Really? Ewww. 🙂

  • Oh, yeah, I love cappuccino. Nice shot! I thought you were celebrating doing your dishes with us until I hovered over the pic. 

  • Yuck, I’m not a coffee person. Now the bubbles that form on my Pepsi Max when I pour it, on the other hand…. Heaven.

  • Cadeaux

    Yeah, not a coffee drinker, either.  The bubbles from Ginger Ale (the ones in bottles) makes some tasty foam.

  • I want one of those.  I love a good cup of Cappuccino.  Yummy.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Ha!  I am also glad for labels – I thought it was the head of a beer, not that there’s anything wrong with that (the beer, I mean).

    Nice take on the theme.


  • I love coffee – drinking it as I write this. Do you make your own cappuccino or have a favorite place to buy it?

  • Oh yes, but what about the froth of a fine pint of Guinness?

  • Hmmm…

    Are those suds? The ocean? A glass of beer?

  • I love the sea foam!  Lovely shot!

  • MalisaHargrove

    Oh, wow. First I thought you were in a bubble bath. Then I thought you were drinking a cold beer. Both of those things sound pretty good, but cappuccino? Think I’ll pass. Too young to partake. 🙂

    • mikewjattoomanymornings

      She was in a bubble bath.

      Oops, sorry honey. But I doubt your husband reads your blog.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Yes, I’d like a beer very much, thank you.

    This is a very creative idea for today’s theme. I wish I’d thought of it.

  • dogearedcopy

    LOL, before I read the comments, I thought it was the suds from a  very dirty laundry load! And before you take offense, please note that only someone who has *seen* dirty laundry soap suds would know what that looks like :-/

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